A short note on web traffic

Traffic to the blog has been pretty good this year. I try not to let that influence what I write but because it is a sure way to stop me from writing but I also can’t help looking at graphs and numbers. The biggest year for this blog was 2018 and a lot of that was due to unpalatable nonsense (rather than my preferred genre of palatable nonsense) plus a nice award nomination. I think 2021 will exceed 2018 at the current rate and before this week it had already exceeded the other years. I mention all this as context for this graph of daily traffic:

Those previous columns used to look really tall but they all got downscaled after the link from Whatever. That’s the power of Scalzi’s blog, which probably is one of the few of the most notable personal blogs from the golden age of blogs still operating as a personal blog.

Anyway, the new traffic is nice.

10 thoughts on “A short note on web traffic

    1. File 770 generates a lot of traffic but more consistently and from semi-regular readers. So over the long term, way more traffic from 770 than Whatever but in terms of a big sudden spike, Whatever is huge.


  1. The one time Scalzi linked to me (because he was amused that I’d written that he’d probably get a Hugo nomination for his shopping list at that point) my traffic went through the roof. A File 770 link brings nice traffic, but Whatever brings a lot more.

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    1. This is why I keep all my high-traffic items on file770.com, but (alas) it deprives me of tasty tasty real-time stats on how many people (or not) read the Trigger Snowflake stories.

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  2. For what it’s worth, I find your Timothy posts least appealing, and just skip over them. I apologize to you and the cat, but that’s how it is.


  3. The metaphor of Mike providing a slow and steady stream of traffic and Scalzi providing a sudden crazed one is exactly the impression I have of both of them.


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