Susan’s Salon: 2021 September 12/13


Please use the comment section to just chat about whatever you want. Susan’s Salon is posted early Monday (Australian Eastern Standard Time, which is still Sunday in most other countries). It’s fine to be sad, worried, vaccinated, unvaccinated-yet, angry or maybe even happy (or all of those things at once).

Please feel free to post what you like (either troubling news or pleasant distractions) in the comments for this open thread. [However, no cranky conflicts between each other in the comments.] Links, videos, cat pictures 🐈 etc are fine! Whatever you like and be nice to one another 😇

66 thoughts on “Susan’s Salon: 2021 September 12/13

      1. Are you really an Aussie now?

        If so, I’ll have to update the imaginary voice in which I read your posts from Ena Sharples to Crocodile Dundee.


  1. Uneventful week here. Nothing interesting, and I don’t think I watched a single video. Well, I did binge Gabriel Iglesias vids on Youtube one night. 😉

    In genre reading:

    Embers of War by Gareth Powell. Not at all what I expected. It was going along well for the first half or so, but then all of a sudden there’s this big reveal that defies all the laws of perspective and scale and the limitations of human vision — so then my suspension of disbelief was shattered. And then it turned into The Day the Earth Stood Still, Part 2. So… part of a pretty good book. This one had multiple narrators, which is a technique I don’t like, and one of the narrators had an annoyingly repetitive delivery cadence.

    The Fall of Koli by MR Carey, third and last in a trilogy. Carey really is an interesting writer — he has such a range of books and styles. In this series the worldbuilding gets more and more layered as he goes along, and in this last book especially I’m also noticing how well he differentiates his characters and their various backgrounds with varying dialogue styles. Which is also helped greatly by the main narrator, Theo Solomon, who does a great job with voices and accents and delivery. An interesting series. I’m only about halfway through this one, so I dunno how well he’s going to wrap up the plot, but I’m optimistic.

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  2. This friday I walked past an impromptu soccer game, two schools having it out. Some 100 – 200 in the audience. It felt extremely strange, unreal even. I haven’t seen that many people in one place in 1.5 years. Happy people, fireworks, music and just having a good time. Actually got tears in my eyes. We will get rid of almost all our restrictions end of the month. I really don’t know what to feel.

    Nothing new otherwise.

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    1. I envy you, cause it doesn’t look as if Germany will be dropping covid restrictions anytime soon. Maybe we can have some hope after the Federal Election in two weeks, but the way it looks right now the parties in favour of more and stricter restrictions will win.

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  3. Got my permanent crown on Wednesday. Came home, chewed a bowl of crunchy granola, felt grinding on the opposite side of my mouth — OMG, there was a space! I knocked out one of my old caps!
    As it turned out, nope. The dentist says everything looks fine, no matter that it felt weird. Big relief!
    Watched the Quiet Place II — good, but I don’t care to see III. Also the Donner cut of Superman II, which makes me wish he’d done the theatrical version.
    Read Sympathy for the Traitor by Mark Polizzotti. Good book on the challenges of translation.


  4. Got my second Pfizer vaccine on Saturday. Sunday was mostly a write-off: felt tired & that strange achiness like you’re coming down with some bug. Guess my body is mounting an immune response…

    Finally got round to watching “Love, Death + Robots” which is a very mixed bag, but the episodes are short & snackable; just what I was in the mood for.

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  5. I had a stressful week here. On Monday and Tuesday, I had workpeople in the house replacing the windows in the office, my bedroom and living room. They caused a lot of dirt, I cleaned everything up after they were gone and then they came back on Tuesday for “just a few leftover works – no, you don’t need to cover anything up.” and everything was dirty again.

    They’re also not really finished yet. I have new windows, which is nice, but the entire inner window frame, window sills, etc.. are missing. Instead I have raw insulation taped off with plastic and a desk lamp hanging on wires. Supposedly, that bit will be fixed next week – hopefully without yet more dirt. Meanwhile, I also don’t have blinds and they have no idea when those will be delivered. Right now, I have aluminium foil taped to the windows. The windows needed replacing, but it’s all very annoying.

    In other news, my Dad seems to have caught what is probably a cold. But he’s also coughing, so I’m worried it might be something worse than just a cold. He is vaccinated, but he got vaccinated several months ago, so his immunity might be waning. I’m also feeling a little under the weather, even though I should theoretically have as much immunity as I’ll ever have right now.

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  6. This evening I leaned of the existence of a giant, online read-along of the Divine Comedy. It’s 3 cantos a week (MWF), it started on September 8, and they will have a video commentary on each canto. It’s like Christmas and my birthday rolled into one!

    100 Days of Dante website

    Speaking of Christmas, the resources page lists several translations that I’ve never even heard of. Time to update my wishlist!

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  7. Same old same old.

    I go back Wed. for my temp crown, whee.

    Tomorrow afternoon, EGG goes in for his checkup. It will take both of us to corner him and wrestle him into the carrier. His vet finds him a bit scary to work with, since he is lazy and placid except then, when he is a whirling dervish of claws and teeth. He’s very muscular and has long legs. Hopefully we won’t suffer any wounds when wrangling him.

    Did reading this week, the Kindle Unlimited collection of “Black Stars” stories. Ranged from meh/predictable to OMG so awesome. Recommended.

    Off to bed to rest up before the strenuous exercise of cat wrestling.

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        1. Aaaand, after we moved the couch and dragged him from beneath it and got him in the carrier (YOWL), the vet called to remind us of the appointment… tomorrow. I wrote it down wrong.

          (all the facepalms)

          So we get to do it again and he will remain Suspicious, even though I immediately gave him many treats to apologize. Have not returned couch to regular position, but hope to trap him in a different room tomorrow.

          We have a collective case of the Mondays.

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          1. My cat has an eye infection, so we have to hold her down three times a day and give her eyedrops. “Wrap her in a towel,” the vet advised. So now the cat runs whenever anyone picks up anything even vaguely towel-like.

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          2. EGG was easily lured into his carrier with cold cuts, so that went well.

            But I forgot the kids are back in physical school, and there’s a grade school and a high school between me and the vet and I left home just after 3.

            Aarrrrgh, crazed minivan moms and then teenage drivers or packs of kids strolling across the street.

            I was gone for 2.5 hours, between traffic and waiting. I did get to go in with him and talk to the vet, which is a new development. Different vet than usual, but she was very nice and good with him.

            Then he went in alone for blood and urine tests, and you can imagine how that went by the fact that he came out growling (which he never does) and the tech said, deadpan “Not a happy camper.”

            We have both had snacks and are better.

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            1. I am taking the Senior Fluff and the Less Senior Cat to the vet later this afternoon. It… will probably be a struggle.

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            2. And I forgot to mention he is much less gordo of a gato. He’s down to a weight the vet is much happier with now that he can’t clean up elderly cat’s food.

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  8. Hayfever and hormones knocked me for six last week, but I made it to another reenactment event this weekend, and had a really good time. I finally got to wear the gown I was working on last year during lockdown, and it came out really well.

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      1. You really want to see pictures of me sneezing? 😉

        There are actually pictures on my Instagram (I’m angharad.gam on there) if you really want to see.


  9. I had a bit of an obstacle to getting a crown after my root canal. I was supposed to have 3 visits (replacement of temp filling, measuring for crown, final fitting for crown). During the first visit, they’re now saying I need an additional exam because they think there was a cavity that was missed during the first exam. Sigh. When you get older, nothing is a sprint anymore, everything becomes a marathon.

    On the plus side, I finished my re-read of the October Daye series, so moving on to the last few Hugo categories!

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  10. Work has been stressful enough the last couple of months that rather large portions of my weekend wind up being gobbled up by napping. So I’m not getting much writing done, nor blogging, and I keep not remembering to check in on this weekly post until later in the week…

    This weekend’s complication was that both my husband and I woke up Sunday morning with weird intestinal issues. I am blaming the sushi we had for lunch Saturday, since dinner consisted of pork ribs that spent on hour in the pressure cooker, and there aren’t many microbes that can withstand that. I mean, I suppose the cornbread could have had some issue?

    This is the beginning of the second week since we installed a camera-doorbell, and I’m still getting used to the phone and watch buzzing every time the neighbor kids run up and down the stairs. The reason that I (a person who has previously railed against such privacy-invading devices) agreed to the camera is because we had two incidents within a couple of days where someone set and then extinguished a small fire in the entryway between our door and the neighbors sometime in the wee hours of the night. The first fire right in front of our do, the second in front of the neighbor’s door.

    Yeah, not exactly a fun reason to buy new tech. Neighbors were thinking about someone more elaborate, but my husband found a wireless camera/doorbell that doesn’t require a subscription to a service, so if the company discontinues the model, the device and it’s cute little indoor server will keep working.

    My suspicion is that, because none of the stairwells in our building are secure, that it is one of the homeless people that my husband very occasionally finds sleeping in the sheltered stairwell when he leaves for work at 4:30am weekdays.

    That alarming news aside, I think we’re doing well.

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  11. So we had parliamentary elections yesterday.

    On the good side, the conservative government was ousted. On the bad side, the parties who want to actually prioritize climate actions got mediocre results, while parties who say they want climate action but only in ways that doesn’t risk any inconvenience to their voters ended up with too much power.

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    1. We’ll be having a parliamentary election in two weeks. I’m not looking forward to it, because all the would-be chancellors are various flavours of incompetent.


    2. Polls are still open here for the stupid ass money wasting recall election till 8 local, 3 AM GMT — do your own math regarding daylight savings and time zones. The tiniest preliminary results won’t be in till an hour after that, and if they gotta count all the last minute mail-in votes, it might be Sept. 21.

      Let’s hope it isn’t that close. I’ve been wearing my “I VOTED” sticker for weeks, ever since I sent in my ballot; they tell me it arrived Aug. 27.

      Anybody worldwide who wants any action on climate change and any hope of stopping the Reich Wing and their Q-Boogaloo fans needs to pray (or the secular equivalent) that it fails. As goes California, so goes the US, we’re the 5th largest economy in the world (just behind Germany and ahead of the UK).

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      1. And 2 hours after the polls closed, it was already 2:1 in favor of keeping the guy who believes in science. Even if every single vote that came in later wasn’t, the land has slid.

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        1. Given how much I heard about Democrats being oblivious to the recall while right-wingers were coming out in force, it’s a pleasant surprise the polling errors were in our favor for once.
          Elder and Trump declared even before the polls closed that the voting was rigged. Not good (this will clearly be the Republican mantra for the foreseeable future) but not surprising.


        2. And the recall election is expected to cost the California taxpayers more than $300 million. I want to cry when I think what good things could have been done with that money.

          The GOP is not a party of fiscal responsibility, and it hasn’t been, for decades. 😐


            1. [sigh] I don’t know much about Elder but I assume that the GOP thought he was a candidate who stood some chance of winning California and hence not (relatively) an utter wingnut? If so, that boogaloo rhetoric is pretty much fully endemic in the GOP.


            2. None of the bajillion Republican candidates were officially endorsed by the party, they were all on their own.

              Elder is a RWNJ radio host, so he has a big bullhorn. He’s also Black, which… I mean…

              The guy who spent the most money to lose is white man Cox, the guy who always spends the most money to lose to Newsom and everyone else. He had TV and Internet ads where he posed with a grizzly bear. A live one, which he also took on campaign stops. This probably did not endear him to the thinking voter. Also, like his boy Tr*mp, he spent a chunk of his ad buy on commercials during the Stephen Colbert show, which is quite the waste of money

              It was nice seeing Obama doing ads for Newsom. I miss him.


      2. “Although exit polls showed voters on Tuesday had a net unfavorable opinion of Larry Elder, he appeared to be popular among the GOP. Exit polls showed 3 in 4 Republicans and conservatives view Elder favorably, as do nearly half of independents casting their vote on the recall. ” (CBS)

        It’s worrying that an extremist Republican gets that much traction among independents.

        The same article gives the results as 64:36 in favour of Newsom.


  12. Today I had the loooooong and painful process of having the temp filling removed and the temp crown put on, which of course only kinda fits.

    EGG was alternately clingy and hiding behind the couch much of the day.

    I have done many many physically OOF things this week while suffering from a bout of insomnia every night, and I am spending the rest of the week dead for tax purposes.


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