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You are all used to my habits now and you all know that one of my favourite topics for posts is non-news about the Dragon Award. In a major step forward for the Dragons, they appear to have forgotten to tell everybody who won. You can find out from Twitter threads or File 770 http://file770.com/2021-dragon-awards/ but the official website is still telling people how to vote in the ballot.

In the past the Media Relations team of Dragon Con have done a press release and if you hop over to their page https://www.dragoncon.org/mediarelations/ you can read their most recent press release on the winners…from 2020 where you can read that John Scalzi wins Best Science Fiction Novel.

They do a little better on Facebook where Andy Weir is confirmed as this year’s winner but not the other categories https://www.facebook.com/DragonConMedia/posts/10159846783288881

Enough non-news. In some actual Dragon Award news, Jason Sanford’s Genre Grapevine is claiming there were issues with the voting this year.

“Despite what that message said, I have verified a number of new registrants in the final weeks of voting did not receive their ballots on those indicated days. Instead, these people waited weeks after registration before their ballot finally arrived on Saturday, September 4, the very last day of voting. Some of the new registrants saw their ballot in time to vote. A number of others did not and missed out.”


Sanford also quotes two of the world’s leading experts on the Dragon Awards.

ETA: Since this post went up, the Dragon Award website has been updated with the winners.

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  1. The Dragon Awards are such an incompetent clown operation. They reflect really badly on Dragon Con, and I can’t believe that the people in charge of Dragon Con haven’t just axed them.

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    • I assume that it is still Dave Cody and Bill Fawcett and it remains a pet project. The haphazard elements still point to it being somebody’s vanity project that they need to delegate to somebody who has the time to administer it (probably several somebodies).

      Jason Sanford’s post for example, shows that they have to do a manual export from the website form of email addresses to import into Survey Monkey for the voting. Hence the “batches” aspect of how ballots are sent out. It’s not something somebody has time to do daily nor is Dragon Con investing in a way of managing the ballots more eficiently.

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  2. I can’t believe that they are not fixing those things that should be easy to fix. At last wikipedia doesn’t have the winners but the nominees. (and File 770 counts as reliable source even for wikipedia)
    I find it very unprofesional and a diservice to the other winners that they only mention Andy Weir as Winner of Best Science Fiction Novel. Even in awards where one award is seen as more important than the others you don’t show that so obviously.
    Re Sandfords post that is somethink that would be embarasing for a fanconvention, make the vote easy is a no brainer. No contactposibility to a con if problems arise is a big warningsign.

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    • StefanB: I find it very unprofesional and a diservice to the other winners that they only mention Andy Weir as Winner of Best Science Fiction Novel.

      Pretty much everything about the Dragon Awards is unprofessional, including the fact that they don’t notify finalists that they have been put on the ballot, or notify them when they win.

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      • Perhaps unprofesional was to mild a word, but I think the extra shitty behaviour is somethink else. What you mentioned in your last post is (unfortunatly) the normal level of unprofessional that is background noise for the Dragon Award.
        You are right the failing at the basics like getting the word out who won or is nominated or any positive PR is baffling, if you want your award to be a non ambarasment.

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        • Official awards websites failing to update with a list of the winners is a remarkably common problem. I often get this when I send the winners of various crime fiction awards to Mike. The winners are reported on various news sites, but often the official website hasn’t been updated yet or is inaccessible.


    • A month or two ago, I noticed the Wikipedia page listing the complete Dragon nominees was out of date; most of the categories ended in 2018 or 2019, and spent some evenings updating the listings for 2020 and 2021. It’s a measure of how little attention is paid to the Dragon Awards that no one else had ever bothered. I’ll update the full nominee list with the 2021 winners within the next week or so. Maybe someone will update the winner-only list before I get to it!

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      • I’ve Someone else did update the winner-only list, an IP address that also updated the entry for the 1632 series to note the win. That made me wonder how many author Wikipedia entries mention their Dragon Award win. I unsystematically looked at 2020 and 2021 winners. The pages for Brandon Sanderson, John Scalzi, Larry Correia, Ursula Vernon, James Lovegrove, and the Mandalorian do. (I just added it to Vernon’s page, though; her entry has a nice table of award wins.) The entries for Andy Weir, Erin Morgenstern, Jim Butcher, Eric Flint, David Weber, Jason Aaron, Tomi Adeyemi don’t mention their dragon wins. Ah well; there’s no end to the potential edits to be made, and often the entry for a specific winning novel will mention the award.


    • Certainly at least some of the implications from the past is that ‘the Power That Be at DragonCon’ and ‘the Powers That Be running the Dragon Awards’ don’t have much if any overlap. Though people have suggested that some previous improvements in things may have come from the former telling the latter ‘you’re making us look bad’.

      Sounds like somebody needs to say ‘you’re making us look bad’ again.

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      • What Jenora said. The people in charge of DragonCon seem to mostly have said “Sure, we’ll give you room to do your pet project” rather than “We are running this thing.”

        Meanwhile I occasionally think the people in charge of the Dragon Awards check Camestros’ site to see what they should be doing next. If they read the comments: NOTIFY THE FINALISTS is a key step. Even if you choose not to allow them to withdraw, they should be informed. NOTIFY THE WINNERS, even more so.

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