OK I forgot about the Dragon Awards

…I hope the Red Panda Fraction forgives me! I intended to vote but the deadline zipped by and before you know it, it’s the last day of July already!

So how are things looking for the Dragon Awards? Last year, after the normal shambolic start, the Dragons took some steps to better promote themselves including new blog content with interviews with past finalists and a program with libraries to promote the selected books. The winners and nominees skewed the most mainstream they ever have been for the Dragons, except for the MilSF and Alternate History categories which were closer to the kind of works the Dragons usually pick.

This year? Overall, less shambolic in announcing the opening and closing of the nomination phase on time. The annual ‘we forgot to update the rules, so the link does work’ https://application.dragoncon.net/dragon_awards_terms_conditions.php competition has though, managed to surpass all previous years in being delayed. As everybody who nominates has to agree to the rules, I think a pedant can claim that all the nominations are invalid or maybe that all nominations ARE valid? In reality, the official rules never made much sense and shed little light on how the Dragon Awards actually run.

After John Scalzi winning a Dragon Award last year, many former Puppies were very cross. The pandemic and the absence of an in-person DragonCon were blamed for the mainstream turn in the Dragons, as well as right-leaning fans being poorly organized. Since then there has been a more concerted effort to get people in the puppyspehere to participate. This was mainly led by Declan Finn who so very, very much wants a Dragon Award that if I could I’d steal one and give it to him — this is a bad psychological trait I have and it’s why I end up feeding seagulls. The not-quite-moribund Superversive site also tried to do an award recommendation page. There was some nominal promotion of the awards by Larry Correia but he likewise seems to have forgotten to promote them just before the closing date (too busy moaning about Mark Zuckerberg and Mike Glyer — or Mike Zuckerberg and Mark Glyer as I originally typed).

Our musteloidean allies once again maintained a handy-dandy Google sheet of eligible works https://bit.ly/3x6Zchm which was both a worthy effort but also demonstrates the extra effort needed to work out eligibility for the Dragon Awards. Red Panda remains the most coordinated effort to get people involved in the Dragons and it is nice to see that an open, non-partisan effort is what has staying power.

That doesn’t mean the culture war stuff has gone entirely. Declan Finn over on the alt-Facebook platform MeWe did try to spur Monster Hunter fans into action by citing not only “File 770” as a vague enemy but also the added menace of Red Panda:

That generated 12 likes and 5 comments, so I don’t think he managed to inspire an angry horde or Dragon nominators. Quite how Red Panda Fraction’s activity is “ballot stuffing” is anybody’s guess.

Where does that leave things?

I think there’s more attention being paid this year than last year but there are no focused efforts. The Baen’s Bar controversy at the beginning of the year and subsequent disinvitation of Toni Weisskopf as a Guest of Honour for this year’s Worldcon also may have inspired some fans of Baen to renew their attention towards the Dragons. However, without a coordinated and focused effort by major names (e.g. Larry Correia or Vox Day) the impact of that attention at the nomination stage is likely to be nebulous.

Of course, my (unproven) working assumption is that votes at the nomination stage are treated as suggestions by the award admins and that they make the final picks but really, who knows? As I think Greg Hullender pointed out, the least effort approach on the Dragon Award admins part is that they go with what gets the most nominations.

We’ll find out what go nominated soon enough :).

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  1. 12 likes and 5 comments. That’s about 5% of the response to a typical Larry Correia post on Facebook. No wonder he can’t quit — he can’t get anybody to follow him to MeWe, (Or, let’s face it, even follow him in a Chinese fire drill.)

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    • Be careful! That might offend Chinese people, firefighters, and, uh, some sort of creature with finns?

      Actually, Eric told me he wasn’t offended by the term, although he wasn’t sure what it meant. In today’s world, you might guess that a Chinese fire drill was highly disciplined and/or packaged for export, so I think the expression is past its sell-by date.

      The Wikipedia article about the (supposed) origin of the term is amusing though.


      • Today one would think that a Chinese Fire Drill would be a device which starts a fire by means of revolving, and would be available cheaply worldwide thanks to the manufacturing done in PROC.

        But I suspect Mike was referring to the automotive practice, much beloved of teenagers at really long red lights in my day. I don’t know if kids still do it, and if so what they call it nowadays.


      • ….and if so what they call it nowadays.
        I’ve always known that as “Bavarian Fire Drill”. Perhaps it’s a Canuckian thing, eh?


  2. Declan Finn clearly cares so much about the Dragons that his last blogpost promoting his Dragon picks was on May 19, two months before the nominations closed.

    On the other hand, maybe he got himself arrested while violating airport security again.

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  3. A Red Panda is haunting the Dragon Awards…
    Turns out you don’t need to promote a slate or organize a group to normalize the Dragon Awards. Just draw attention to it and help folks know what is eligible or not.

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    • To be fair, I can see an argument in PC Games and SFF Minis/Card games/RPG(whatever) were only 2 items are listed. I doubt that this are the categorys Finn has in mind. I would bet he never took a look at this.
      I am still not contributing to the Dragon Award, busy with the Hugo and I don’t trust them enough to give them an email. (And to lazy to create a trowaway one)


  4. I was forgetting the Dragon awards well before you (not that I have anything against them – just been busy with Hugo reading)

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  5. I’m just trying to envision Mike Glyer with Mark Zuckerberg’s financial resources.


  6. I think I understand the “ballot-stuffing” remark. The Dragon Awards are important because they are awarded by a convention with a very large attendance. This is why it is vitally important that the grant mass attendees do not vote for the award.

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  7. I found this post from a few months back:

    The Dragons come up in the comments section. Lots of moaning about how not enough people are voting for them, plus a cameo from DEMONICALLY POSSESSED SJWS.

    JCW: “The question for this generation is how to save the Dragon Award from going the same way [as the Hugos]”

    Overgrown Hobbit: “As soon as the Dragon Award nominations open sign up and lobby your fandoms for support. Get on Arkhaven, MGC, Superversive, John Del Arroz, shoot, I’m a month late, but as of next Wednesday lobby TiaT. Mea culpa , mea culpa, mea maxima culpa. Do not be like me last Dragon Awards go ’round. Repent (if it is applicable to you) and start boosting that signal.”

    Mrs. Wright: “Our side already does that…. But Dragoncon is 85,000 people. Our signal is not loud enough.”

    Overgrown Hobbit: “No. They really do not. And I do not mean to be snarky. When I say “they” I mean me, and you and all our quandam allies (who are real allies despite being rubbish at it, but that is another issue) When did anyone you know make a Dragoncon nomination post? As I said, I know an Indy creator who has figured out how to mobilize his fans for a relevant award. I am *not* going to out him on a public square where drive-by (possibly) demon-possessed SJWs stop by for a look in.”


  8. On what basis do the self-identified “puppies” object to the involvement of pandas, or indeed any non-human animals?

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