Sydney gets its own anti-lockdown protests

Rowdy and sometimes violent scenes yesterday as Sydney got its own anti-lockdown protest. In what must be one of the most stupid political movements, several thousand people attempted to march through the CBD despite the city being in a strict lockdown due to spiralling numbers of cases due to the delta-variant of covid-19.

The strangest and most widely shared incident being a protestor punching a police horse:

Interestingly, the protests in Sydney were bigger than the ones in Melbourne That is curious because while people in Melbourne have had a series of lockdowns and strict measures over the course of the pandemic, Sydney has had (overall) a relatively easy time of things compared to the rest of the world.

25 thoughts on “Sydney gets its own anti-lockdown protests

    1. What exactly were they protesting? Cause our reasonable anti-lockdown protesters (we also had unreasonable ones who were basically far right conspiracy theorists) usually held up Sweden as a model to emulate.


      1. We had the same protests (though thankfully only relatively few people showed up) with equally confused reasons that I didn’t think were mutually compatible: anti-5G, anti-vax, anti-colonisation, anti-PM Jacinda Ardern, and a few wearing MAGA caps too.

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      2. Ah, so basically the same idiot protesters we had, only in Swedish. I find these folks very frustrating, especially since any justified and reasonable criticisms of anti-covid measures quickly get tarred with the same brush as the conspiracy idiots who think Bill Gates and the WEF want to implant them with nano chips.

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    2. Yes, the Trafalgar Square protest (in which one charming lady called for NHS staff to be executed as war criminals) came nearly a week after Boris “Let the bodies pile high” Johnson announced the end of restrictions in England, too.


      1. Also, can I just say I am not at all surprised that the guy punching a police horse has a mullet and is wearing a sleeveless T-shirt?

        And wouldn’t it be logical to presume there was alcohol involved, because he is a) Australian and b) doing stupid things?

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      1. There’s video floating around “proving” the guy didn’t punch the horse – although it pretty much shows that, yes, he hit the horse in the face with his fist (but maybe not that hard). The police officer was using the horse to push the guy along and rather than do the get-out-of-the-way quickly thing, the guy tried to push the horse out of the way with his fists. I should add to the list of reasons why this is a bad idea (morally, tactically, strategically, PR, personal safety) that this is also just really bad physics. The horse isn’t just stronger, it’s a hell of a lot heavier than the guy doing the punching.

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    1. Apparently the guy didn’t punch the horse very hard and the horse is fine.

      I’ve been to a lot of protests in my life, some of them rowdy and most with mounted police in the mix. I’ve seen anybody assault a horse before. Aside from it just being plain wrong, you really don’t want to piss off a horse because you aren’t going to win if it comes to a unarmed fight with a horse.

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  1. We were busy in Seattle having other, much bigger, protests, but a “defund the mask police” protest would have definitely gotten attention. Might have been hard to find attendees, though–Seattle is a town where the Republicans struggle to get 20% of the vote.

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  2. My cynical thought is that it’s because you have been having a relatively easy time: that the people why are protesting were thinking something like “we’re not the ones getting sick, none of this should apply to us,” as if “the ones getting sick” was a specific and unchanging part of the population.

    But I am profoundly cynical about the anti-lockdown protesters.

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