26 thoughts on “Coming Soon

    1. Dear German friends:

      We know. But it’s a joke.

      Except “dämmerung” has 2 m’s.

      So it would be “Püppydämmerüng” for full silliness. And written in Fraktur.

      Maybe with an extra umlaut over a consonant (like the fake band “Spın̈al Tap”) to capture the Puppies’ reputation for both over the top histrionics and not knowing how language works.

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      1. A puppy is a little dog. Meanwhile, “Püppi” is the German diminuative for “Puppe”, i.e. doll. In the past, it was also used as a nickname for young woman who were not particularly discriminating in their choice of partners. I had a great-aunt named Karla, who was called “Püppi” by most of the family. When I actually met her at a funeral (my Mom did not talk to Aunt Karla for reasons best known to herself), she was a tiny elderly lady who did not at all match the image of woman who had sex with anything that moved that I had gleaned from family lore.

        So in short, “Püppydämmerung” basically means that you’re calling the puppies little dollies. Which they may well deserve.


      2. There is an urban legend in Sweden about a Christian Metal band named Troja, whose band shirt (naturally featuring suitable metal umlauts) says “Tröja”, which is the Swedish word for what it is printed on.

        But, now, trying to find actual evidence for a US Christian Metal band named Troja, I can only find evidence for an (established after I first heard this) Albanian/Kosovian metal band with that name.

        The only POSSIBLE explanation is that I have walked through the Shadows to an almost-identical universe. I will leave it unsaid if I did so by mistake, by using the Pattern, or by the power of the Logrus.

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