Debarkle chapter 45 is finished…

The missing chapter 45 is now cooked. You can find it here

It had reached a point earlier in the week where it was two chapters and was spiralling out of control. So I cut down on the range of reviewers I was using (apologies to anybody cut) and I refocussed things to mainly three categories (Short Story, Best Related Work and Best Novel) which I think covered most of the dynamic.

There were, of course, no typos or grammatical errors when I finished. If you find any, somebody else must have put them in there afterwards.

2 responses to “Debarkle chapter 45 is finished…”

  1. So if you wrote reviews at the time and I didn’t add you – sorry. The picks were 50% arbitrary and 50% trying to balance a range of views against making it easier for people to compare how the same reviewers reacted to different things. I could write that chapter again with maybe two-thirds of the reviews being from different people than the ones I included.

    I also considered and decided against reviews that were in comment sections, forums and social media – mainly because they were harder to survey and manage links.


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