Month: Jul 2021

  • OK I forgot about the Dragon Awards

    …I hope the Red Panda Fraction forgives me! I intended to vote but the deadline zipped by and before you know it, it’s the last day of July already! So how are things looking for the Dragon Awards? Last year, after the normal shambolic start, the Dragons took some steps to better promote themselves including […]

  • Debarkle Chapter 52: Part 4 Puppy Fall 2016-2017

    The story so far… In 2015, Larry Correia’s Sad Puppy campaign targeting the Hugo Awards was handed over to Brad Torgersen. Torgersen put together a bigger slate of nominees with several categories having four or five entries listed. The Sad Puppy campaign was initially supported by far-right blogger, sci-fi author and publisher Vox Day but […]

  • Lodestar 2021 Review: Legendborn by Tracy Deonn

    We have a lot more reading time this year in the Hugo Awards than usual and I’ve found I’ve made some dents into categories I don’t normally get to. My biggest problem with longer fiction is that my reading time for novels is now almost exclusively when I’m exercising which means audiobooks. I’ve recently launched […]

  • Covid won’t necessarily get naturally less deadly by itself

    The topic of consensus has come up recently and it is interesting to look at the flip side of scientific consensus and look at broad rules of thumb that exist in wider society. With diseases caused by viruses, bacteria and parasites etc there is a reasonable (but flawed) assumption that over time a specific disease […]

  • Susan’s Salon: 2021 July 25/26

    😷📈💉🦠🦘🌏 Please use the comment section to just chat about whatever you want. Susan’s Salon is posted early Monday (Australian Eastern Standard Time, which is still Sunday in most other countries). It’s fine to be sad, worried, vaccinated, unvaccinated-yet, angry or maybe even happy (or all of those things at once). Please feel free to […]

  • Sydney gets its own anti-lockdown protests

    Rowdy and sometimes violent scenes yesterday as Sydney got its own anti-lockdown protest. In what must be one of the most stupid political movements, several thousand people attempted to march through the CBD despite the city being in a strict lockdown due to spiralling numbers of cases due to the delta-variant of covid-19. The strangest […]

  • Coming Soon

  • Covid: Trajectory

    A few weeks in and Australia is still struggling to get on top of the recent delta-variant outbreak of covid. It’s apparent that the initially muddled and delayed lockdown in Sydney was too late to keep the virus bottled up and it is now spreading in more rural areas. As regular readers will know, I’ve […]

  • Debarkle Chapter 51: Meanwhile…Donald Trump

    It is 1987 and the question for American conservatives is who will succeed Ronald Reagan not just as President of the United States but as the ideological figurehead of the conservative movement. The most likely candidate for the Republican nomination is George H.W. Bush, the current Vice President but Bush’s credibility among the right of […]

  • Debarkle Chapter 50: 2015 Aftermath — July to December

    The Sad Puppy defeat could have been taken as a repudiation of what the Sad Puppies had stood for but in the wake of the Hugo Award ceremony, nobody had a clear idea what the Sad Puppies had stood for. Larry Correia’s original campaign had framed itself as promoting fun, honest action in science fiction […]

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