One of the posts about the failed 2015 Tor boycott I didn’t include in that last Debarkle chapter was this one from Vox Day

I didn’t say anything new from one perspective but from another it underlines the point about why Tor has won so many science fiction awards. It is a simple answer: they publish a huge number of books. At the time Vox Day Arch-Nemisis Supremo of Tor Books in avowed blood feud had 38 hardcovers from Tor. In comparison I have 2 (maybe 3?) Baen eBooks and the number would be zero without my morbid curiosity. I actually have more Castalia House ebooks than Baen and that again, is more from slowing-down-to-see-a-car-crash than reading pleasure.

Anyway, Hugo Award Top Tip for Publishers. If you want to win lots of Hugos then publish a lot (and a big range) of books.

20 thoughts on “Shotgun

  1. It’s not that they just publish a lot of books, I think more than anyone else if memory serves me right, it’s that their books are immensely popular. I think Ace/Roc was their closest competition in terms of sheer volume of titles.

    Vox wasn’t even a badly infected boil on their ass in terms of what he was published at the point in time. You cannot win Hugos if you’re not publishing titles that readers who will be voting for the Hugos are interested in reading. I just finished A Master of Djinn and are now back to A Desolation of Peace which will be followed by Angel of the Overpass. Note that two come from Tor and one from DAW. Rarely do I read anything from smaller publishers.

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  2. On the topic of Vox, the applied chaos over at Kiwifarms has successfully doxxed him:

    He’s not in Italy as he repeatedly claims, he’s in northwestern Switzerland. Required info derived from his wife’s dog pics.

    Think he’ll use this as further evidence for his oft-repeated claim that “women ruin everything”?


    1. Switzerland: tax haven, launderer of Nazi money, last Western country to give women the right to vote, not so keen on Muslims.

      Yep, sounds perfect for Teddy.

      If true. The source is… dubious, but I wouldn’t be at all surprised with him lying about where he lives.


      1. Well the claim that Teddy lives in Switzerland is not new. It was mentioned in the tread on where the apology was posted in 2015. (a more credible source if I remember correctly)
        It is also depending from where someone lives in Italy (pre Corona) not a proof if you see someone in Switzerland, takes not a lot of time to travel there.
        The daughter of friends of my mothers lives in Switzerland. Was a bit complicated, because there were quite a few laws involved when she und her (now) husband wanted to mary or name the child. (In Switzerland, she is German, he is I think American but there was also some connection to Israel I don’t remember the detail) This is not concrete enough to give a warning about Beale.


      2. I mean, he could easily keep places in both countries, or could have in the past. As noted, moving between northern Italy and Switzerland isn’t exactly an epic and harrowing journey in either direction.

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      1. ”Damm you pontiff, you won this time. But I will be back, and next time I will also have a weird hat (laughs in a menacing and evil way).

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  3. Imho not quite they publish a lot of books that get the attention of readers, a job that Bean (outside of the US) and exspecially Castalia does not.
    Another point is the have a wider range with also a lot of short fiction.

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    1. The online short fiction for free wins awards, because it puts quality work out where everyone can see it. Just like Clarkesworld and Uncanny do.

      These works (nominated or not) then are good advertising for the rest of their range. You read a story you liked on, make a note of the author’s name, then buy their books. I never heard of P. Djeli Clark before that first djinn story and look at his success now.

      So it’s both volume and quality.

      It’s almost like PNH and TNH are *really good* editors/publishers or something and that Tom fellow knows what he’s doing.

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      1. Not just PNH and TNH. The person most responsible for these days seems to be Irene Gallo. Good thing for everyone she wasn’t fired.

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      2. “Firing Irene Gallo” was yet another one of those Puppy ideas that didn’t age well.

        They tried to strike her down and she became more powerful than they could imagine!

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      3. I don’t think that “Firing Irene Gallo” has aged that badly, it was a unbelivable bad idea to begin with. Tor would have got to be pretty stupid to do it and a lot of other publishers would have tried to hire her afterwards. (Plus shitstorm of course)

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