Hugo Packet Time!

How exciting! I’m just perusing the contents PDFs for the moment but there is a dramatic (ha ha) uptick in the BDP-long/short contents. In short there are links to a FULL episode on Vimeo for Doctor Who and The Expanse. Long Form also has a link to the full movie of The Old Guard as well as screenplays for The Old Guard and for Palm Springs.

Written works is also very generous, Best Series and Lodestar in particular. I think only Piranesi in Best Novel is the only excerpt.

Well done Discon! I know it must be challenging work to assemble these packets. Greatly appreciated.

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  1. Someone should explain to me why I’ve downloaded the whole Best Novels package when I already had all six. Oh, well.

    We only have an excerpt from Elatsoe in Lodestar, if you are a morbid completist like me and want to know what gaps to fill in. (On the other hand, Best Series contains more October Daye than the human brain can conceive.)

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  2. is jealous

    Making Who and Expanse available is very smart, since in the US, you have to have an additional service each to see those. Not that the Doctor needs much help winning Hugos, but it’s still nice.

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    • Blaseball: PDF with links to the webgame itself and material about the game.

      FF7 Remake: EPUB/MOBI/PDF with links to a demo of Chapter One of the game and a bunch of videos about it.

      Hades: PDF providing directions to request an evaluation copy.

      Spiritfarer: PDF providing directions to request an evaluation copy, PDF providing a synopsis of the game, and four screenshots (PNG/JPG).

      TLOU2: EPUB/MOBI/PDF with links to official site and trailers; 28 JPG screenshots.


      • That’s quite a bit more than I expected! Mega props to Supergiant and Thunder Lotus for their contributions. Also the FF7 Remake demo but I suspect that existed prior to this.


      • That’s nice of them, especially since I hadn’t expected the videogame studios to show much interest in the Hugos. Though two videogame developers also joined the Hugo finalist Slack.

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        • That’s good to hear. Their participation will really help see if the game category could move forward. I know I wasn’t planning on voting in that category, but now maybe. I’ve definitely got more interest in it than I did before.


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