A comment graph of the Debarkle

From early April to early July 2015, File 770 ran daily round-ups of events and comments on the Sad/Rabid Puppy kerfuffle. A list of titles is here http://file770.com/the-compleat-litter-of-puppy-roundup-titles/

Now I wanted to say something like “the number of comments grew substantially” but that’s just an impression. So, I did a bit of web-scraping and grabbed the number of comments for each round-up post and graphed them by date.

The big spike at the end was the penultimate round-up http://file770.com/to-your-scattered-kennels-go-76/

June 14 was at the height of the Tor-boycott campaign and the thread feature Tom Kratman, John C Wright verbally duelling with assorted people.

17 thoughts on “A comment graph of the Debarkle

    1. Wasn’t that every second puppypost at that time or at last every third? And he tryed so much to stop E Pluribis Hugo.


      1. Yeah, he was deadset on destroying every post for a while, constantly moving his blathering to the next post so there couldn’t be any space safe from him anywhere.


  1. Looking at the list of round-ups, I would say that the only word for Mike Glyer’s labors in collecting a wide range of material and refereeing the ensuing debates over an extended period is heroic.

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    1. I left a comment on June 14 describing what I thought it must have felt like to Mike, whose posts on File 770 prior to the Debarkle might have garnered 10-20 comments on a busy day:

      I have this mental image of the front doorbell ringing on April 5, Mike getting up to answer and opening the door, only to stand there in bemusement while fan after fan after fan files in through the doorway, bringing snacks and drinks and books and board games, filling up his couches and chairs and making themselves comfortable sitting around on his floor.

      Cut to 70 days later… everyone’s still hanging out at his house, the fridge and cupboards are empty, every flat surface is covered with dishes and books and games, the conversation is maintaining a constant dull roar, 3 couples have gotten engaged and 2 more have broken up, Diana has relocated to a hotel for the duration, and Mike is still standing there at the open door with a glazed look in his eyes, as more fans keep filing in…

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  2. I feel like I must’ve read that monster thread when it happened, because I’d started reading F770 in probably April or May. And I’m glad I did start reading when I did, so I could fully appreciate that incredible version of “They Had It Coming” that showed up at some point.

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  3. That thread is something.

    “Covert” puppy Brian Z sure was a tediously disingenuous and dishonest ass. (I say “covert” because he really tried to pose as a non-Puppy, even when it became obvious that his sympathies lay entirely with the Pups and was doing everything he could to run interference for them).

    Overt puppy aeou was, like all overt Pups, alternatively incomprehensible and idiotic.


    1. At the beginning there were many puppys leaving comments on File 770, Vox Day amoung them, at the end there were not two of them there at the same time, somethink that is interesting.


      1. Mike ended up banning a fair number of Puppies after they repeatedly demonstrated that they were unable to post anything other than lies and abuse, and I suspect a number of others got quickly discouraged by the fact that they got well-informed pushback (something they don’t get on their own blogs, and with which they don’t seem to be able to cope well, psychologically). For most of them, it was no doubt more emotionally rewarding to post elsewhere in friendly environments like VP, MHN, and MGC, where everyone agreed with them.


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