Debarkle update

So I’m calling part 1 and part 2, “volume 1”. There will be a short hiatus so I can catch up on reviews and other things before launching into part 3, which is a blow-by-blow account of 2015. There’s a lot to get through but I’m hoping it will move pretty quickly because the pieces are better documented.

I still have to go back and fix up the Requires Hate chapter. That will be an account of the facts/general understanding as of the end of 2014 for context, plus the Puppy reactions to events at the time and the creation of the mythological RH.

Overall, I’m still short of halfway through. After 2015, part 4 will look at the 2016 & 2017 Puppy campaigns and why they failed, plus the arrival of the Dragon Awards. Part 5 covers the politics of the Trump years and attempts to do the same-thing-but-different such as Comicsgate that failed, as well as the thing that looked utterly different (Qanon) but which was surprisingly like Gamergate. Part 6 is where all of this Saturn 5 rocket of stuff gets to a point as we reach 2020 with the former Puppies embroiled in Covid-denial and ‘stop the steal’ conspiracy-mongering.

The stuff in Parts 4-6 will be familiar to regular readers of this blog but less familiar to people who followed the 2015 kerfuffle and then sensibly got on with their lives.

Collected versions?

I’m going to do three “second draft” collections:

  • Volume 1: Beginnings to 2014. Collecting Part 1 and Part 2.
  • Volume 2: The Puppy Years 2015-2017. Collecting Part 3 and Part 4.
  • Volume 3: Future History 2018-2021. Collecting Part 5, Part 6 and appendices

After that, I’ll do a single volume “third draft” version, The Complete Debarkle — as the (hopefully) definitive version.

Volume 1 will be out as a collection on Smashwords before the end of the year. Maybe volume 2 if I type quickly (but unlikely). Volume 3 in 2022 and The Complete Debarkle when life allows it.

3 thoughts on “Debarkle update

  1. Thank you so much for doing this. It is really interesting to read all of this information and history, and go back to my LJ archive to see what some of my reactions were to what was going on. Thank you.


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