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This is for the next Debarkle chapter. I haven’t been including images of any kind other than the banner image because they are pain to deal with when reformatting. However, I made this graph so I could make a general comment in the next chapter (along the lines of ‘the number of articles increased’).

The graph is just the monthly File 770 archives that you see at the side of the blog (here http://file770.com/ ) plotted against the number that appears in brackets after it which shows the number of posts. This graph goes from January 2008 (the first official post at the site) to December 2014 (when the chapter finishes before 2015 does its thing).

From mid-2010 there is a clear(ish) trend upwards.

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  1. I’ll bet those productivity spikes and troughs match up to something. I just don’t know what. For example, the troughs don’t correspond to times things went to shit in my work or home life.

    My tiny readership increased by 60% from 2013 to 2014, too. The Sad Puppy drumbeat had started by then, maybe that explains it.

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  2. I think I became aware of File 770 around the time that Alexandra Erin started satirizing the Puppies. But I honestly can’t remember.

    I do remember several times during the thing when the Puppies tried to make File 770 part of the conspiracy theories. That was funny.


  3. I first became aware of File770 in 2010 when I was looking for Aussiecon related stuff.


    • Same. Of course I also learned of the puppies and of well, how much I was missing out in the genre from that blog, so I learned a lot there! (As I expect will come up in later chapters of debarcle)


  4. I found out about File770 when I was tracking a 2006 fan debacle, which led me to the blog version of File770 in the fullness of time.


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