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For anybody curious, it was from RT aka ‘Russia Today”. Not a news outlet I would normally direct people to but they quoted that silly Tweet about Jordan Peterson! I get to play the role of the meany-head leftist. I was tempted to use the next phrase “just gorge on the fact that the left still has a near-monopoly on mainstream art” but people might think it was unironic.

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  1. Only for you would I risk clicking on a virus-dangerous Russia Today link. I love how they just keep lying that the comics industry is dying and sinking. The whole article proved Coates’ point. As you said: “I mean, Hydra would also be selling ‘health’ supplements & asking for donations for a ‘free speech’ alt social media platform as well” and that also described the website where this article resided. With the added bonus of it being a Russian gov propaganda effort.

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    • Speaking of comics, Vox Day’s comic project is now a Webtoons-like website were you can read the comics for free in a vertical scrolling format.

      Not worth a blogpost but I’d be remiss not to mention it

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