A Superversive eligibility list

I’ve not seen anybody try to do this on the right-hand lane of fandom for awhile. L Jagi Lamplighter is compiling a great big list of 2020 SFF works on the Superversive blog. Sensibly she is keeping it low-tech. People put suggestions in the comments and then periodically she’ll update the list on the blog. The intent is to help people find books but also provide some suggestions for the Dragon Award.

Anyway, for anybody looking to do any Dragon Award number crunching, it might be of interest: http://www.superversivesf.com/?p=1755

9 thoughts on “A Superversive eligibility list

  1. Wait, there’s one book on that list I actually read — A Wizard’s Guide to Defensive Baking, T. Kingfisher. That never happened on any of their previous lists!

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    1. There are also the latest books of the popular series The Stormlight Archive and The Dresden Files.
      Also mainstream (even if I am not that interested in them) Terry Brooks, Christopher Paolini and Timothy Zahn Works. (my be other I just don’t know)
      And the huh moment. A Heinlein novel from 2020?


      1. Yes, a “new” Heinlein in 2020. The first part is the same as The Number of the Beast. The rest was put together from previously unpublished material which he completed earlier.


      2. Not surprised by Dresden Files as Butcher was a puppy pick a couple times. But as you said also generally popular. Both Sanderson and Butcher’s series were on my Hugo ballot for best series.

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      3. As Laura notes, the new Heinlein novel is the Number of The Beast with a divergence someway through it. I’ve not yet convinced myself that it’s worth the time to read to see how different that it is.


        1. From what I’ve heard, it’s neither a must-read nor a must-avoid. More of a curiosity for the Heinlein completist.


          1. I’ve avoided it because it’s the same novel for a great deal of the time until it diverges save some minor changes and I’ve already got far too much on my reading plate. (Yesterday alone I added four novels and two stories that I wanted to read, plus I’ve got three audiobooks set to automatically download this month already.) Maybe the changes make it worth reading, but none of the reviews I’ve seen have been that enthusiastic.


  2. Hey it’s got a book by John C. Wright on it, From Barsoom to Malacandra: Musings on Things Past and Things to Come which ranks 765, 000 on the Amazon SF Kindle list. Need I note all the reviewers give him five stars?

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