Not a review of Falcon and the Winter Soldier

Yeah…ok. So two episodes in and I’m not bored. It’s just, I’m still not sure what to make of it.

Episode 2, without really doing any big dramatic twists, still managed to convey a very different sense of what is going on than episode 1. Now that could be because the show is a mess or it could be that it is really well plotted and doing a good job of revealing a complex world in layers.

Overall, this reminds me a lot of the Netflix gritty Marvel series but with tighter ties to the MCU and less punching. Decent cast, nice to see Erin Kellyman who was Enfys Ness in Star Wars: Solo but maybe her character is…Enfys Ness again?

So I’ll wait until next week and maybe review three episodes together and see what we have.

19 thoughts on “Not a review of Falcon and the Winter Soldier

  1. On the whole, for me at least, the series is on an upwards trajectory. It is still not hitting as high as WandaVision, but I have higher hopes than I did by the end of episode 1 (where it was pretty much “this is OK”), it is now verging on “this might be good”.

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  2. I liked these second episode better, but Morgenthau is problematic, since her plan sounds an awfully lot like the real Morgenthauplan. Hope I’m overanalyzing that bit of dialogue…

    I also feel reminded of the Netflixshows, probably by this seems to investigate similar themes. Hopefully no mid-season slump of episodes about the villains childhood though.

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    1. Also, Karli Morgenthau is supposed to be Swiss, but speaks with a Staffordshire accent. I suppose there are no Swiss actresses they could have cast. Or maybe, they could have changed Karli’s backstory and name and made her someone from Staffordshire.

      And don’t even get me started on a lacklustre truck chase that’s supposedly near Munich, even if the area looks nothing like Munich, and that’s supposedly on a German Autobahn, even if the street in question is obviously not an Autobahn. In this case, I honestly wonder why Marvel didn’t just rent the purpose-built stretch of Autobahn for filming car chases and the like which actually exists in Germany.


      1. Or just pick a different place than Munich. It wasn’t particularly important that it was Munich for the plot, it was just “somewhere in Europe”. They could have just picked the place they actually shot it.

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      2. Prague standing in for Munich is, relatively speaking, scrupulously accurate for American television, where every location in the United States looks startlingly like British Columbia.

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  3. I was “meh, okay” after the first one, but this one was really good. The action scenes were better integrated, the shrink is fabulous, and I was genuinely LOL at the discussion of “aliens, androids, and wizards”. “He’s a Sorcerer.” “That’s just a wizard without a hat.” “Wait, how do you know Gandalf?” “I read The Hobbit when it came out originally… (smug) in 1937.”

    The bad guys are moderately sympathetic, which is a nice parallel to “Civil War” when heroes were on both sides.

    Carl Lumbly is always perfect.

    New Formula Cap is trying his best, but this better end up with Sam carrying the shield, is all I’m saying.

    “So, that makes you, ‘Black Kid’? Ha. I got him.”

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  4. This show was supposed to be the first one, but the pandemic screwed that up. I think it would have had more impact if that had gone as planned.

    Being after “WandaVision” puts it at a disadvantage. WV wasn’t what anyone could have expected, and this is exactly what everyone was expecting. I don’t see it generating so much online discussion and thinkpieces in columns etc.

    It’s “2 Marvel heroes you know and love do an MCU movie plot” vs. “2 supporting characters do a sitcom which turns out to be about a meditation on grief”.

    Although it seems to be in chronological order this way, with WV being 3 weeks after and this being at least 6 months after the UnBlippening.

    I do hope sometime Bucky meets Sam’s sister. The snark level would be off the charts.

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  5. 1. I’m just enjoying having maximum Anthony Mackie, so I don’t really care what anybody says about this series.

    2. The Falcon and the Winter Soldier is also 2 supporting characters do an action series which turns out to be a meditation on grief. I think the reverse order actually helped both series.

    3. Bucky is going to meet Sam’s sister because in the trailer, Sam tells Buckey to stop flirting with his sister.

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  6. Because I feel I am way out there because of the a-holery and stupidity of my comments on an earlier post, I feel weird posting… but… but…

    …well, my take on the second episode of this series was that none of it made any sense unless you accept that fannon that 1) Bucky and Steve were boyfriend but super closeted back in the day, and 2) let’s just recognize that all of Sam’s plot points and issues during “Captain American: Winter Soldier” place Sam in the role of the new girlfriend, and plotpoints in “Captain Ameirica: Civil War” reinforce that, well, nothing in the current Disney+ series contradicts that, so… … … …

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    1. fontfolly: Because I feel I am way out there because of the a-holery and stupidity of my comments on an earlier post, I feel weird posting… but… but…

      You know what? Many of us have felt strongly about things — which we have every right to do — but have maybe not expressed ourselves in the best or kindest way possible.

      That’s what often happens when someone really cares about something. And no, it may not be the optimal form of expression.

      What matters is that we’re able to recognize that maybe we’ve not expressed ourself in the best or kindest way possible — to apologize for that and make a serious promise and effort to do better — but to also remember that it’s okay for us to care and feel passionately about something, and it’s okay for us to believe something different from what other people believe, and to advocate passionately for what we believe.


      1. This is not the first post here or elsewhere, JJ, where you have made me cry, I I suspect it is the first time I’ve told you that it has.

        Yeah. Exactly. You’re correct, we should both try to do better, and at least as importantly, tell each other when we realize that we ought to try better.

        Thank you, JJ, for pointing out when we could try better. I will try, going forward, to be better. Thank you!

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      2. And just so you know, I’ve read Firewatch numerous times now, and The Doomsday Book 3 times — and I’ve cried like a baby, actually sobbed, every single time.

        When Willis gets it right, she really gets it right.

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