Looks like the Scrappy Doo era chapters will write themselves

File 770 recently linked to the court documents in the long running legal dispute between Jon Del Arroz and Worldcon 76 http://file770.com/worldcon-76-filings-for-summary-judgment-in-del-arroz-defamation-suit-now-online which neatly has the history of JDA’s relationship with Worldcon and the SFWA written up in one place.

Meanwhile, you will all be shocked to learn that Brian “Dragon Award” Niemeier’s 2016 “shadowban” by Twitter was…a piece of marketing.

“One answer our guys have come up with is eDrama marketing. The basic idea is to pick out a representative of the establishment and find a way to sell yourself as the plucky little guy crusading against the man. People – especially Americans – love an underdog, so playing the put-upon victim of megacorp ticket-takers is an effective way to drum up sympathy. No doubt about it, eDrama can make for rapid gains. I’ve used that approach myself. If the popularity of professional wrestling has taught us anything, it’s that kayfabe works. People love to root for the face against the heel. The ringleaders of certain dissident art scenes have ridden outrage marketing to modest e-celebrity and small fortunes.”


Niemeier’s Twitter technical problems garnered him a write up in alt-right news/propaganda source Brietbart https://www.breitbart.com/tech/2016/08/02/reports-hugo-nominated-author-shadowbanned-twitter/

Anyway, as Brian notes:

“Either way, following the eDrama road past the initial breakout phase sets an egg timer on your career. The countdown to irrelevance has begun.”

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  1. Is this part of his marketing too?

    (And wasn’t Degenerate Furry Niemeier Fans an underground comic about hippies?)

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    1. There’s a reply from del Arroz telling Kroese: “dude look at what you’re doing and take a step back man… this does zero good.” Jon, try printing out that sentence you just typed and taping it over your computer screen and your bathroom mirror.

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    2. I’d forgotten who had fallen out with whom. I think that was as a consequence of the big anti-porn/masturbation thing the alt-right went through in 2019 (I think). The poor souls didn’t have even that small comfort for themselves in 2020.

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    3. Kroese appears in the Worldcon suit documents, so we’ve got Pup infighting going on, even!

      This all continues to prove that nobody along the entire political or religious spectrum likes Brian.

      Perhaps he’s going to 🎵eat some worms🎵?

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    4. Ah, I’ve found the part of the discussion where furries enter the picture:

      Remember when “profess that Jesus would have nothing to do with that sexualized anthropomorphic canine” was the sort of thing you’d only read in a Jack Chick parody at SomethingAwful, rather than a discussion between actual members of the religious right?

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      1. Every time Brian’s doofy Witch “test” comes up, I always want to say, “you know that’s not how early modern Europeans tested witches, right?”

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      2. According to the well-known account of his life called The Bible, Jesus was a cool guy who hung out with poor people, disabled people, prostitutes and other marginalised folks. I’m sure he would have been perfectly okay with furries.

        As for Brian Niemeier, Jesus also made it very clear what he thought of Pharisees and Zealots.

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  2. The Witchfinder General was lying to us all along?!?

    Pop quiz: what is the worst thing about the W.G.?

    a) Catholic fascism
    b) historical illiteracy
    c) soul-crushing depressing takes on creative work
    d) feeble grasp on the truth
    e) all of the above

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    1. Unfortunately, while the title of Witchfinder General makes a lot of sense for Brian, it is now used unironically by a different player in the world right-wing-argle-bargle who recently went after Jason Sanford.


    2. Thanks to the brilliant Scholarship of Pratchett and Gaiman, we know that:
      There is no longer a Witchfinder General.
      Nor is there a Witchfinder Colonel, a Witchfinder Major, not even a Witchfinder Captain.
      There is, however, a Witchfinder Sergeant.

      Good Omens, Gollancz, 1990

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      1. Curiously, until I read Good Omens it had never occurred to me that “General” in “Witchfinder-General” might mean “Leader of an army” and not “opposite of specific”.

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  3. The first rule about pretending to be a victim, is that you don’t boast about how successfully you fooled people into thinking you were a victim.

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  4. The countdown to irrelevance has begun.”
    I think that he was exactly right, but not in the way he thought he was.

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  5. Cam, isn’t it more like JDA wrote the Scrappy chapters for you? All Worldcon had to do was get him to talk. All the damning stuff is in his own words in the deposition*.

    You could skip the rest of the legal papers and get it all just from his very own statement.

    *sworn under oath to both God and state, under penalty of perjury (2-4 years in state prison) and theoretically eternal damnation, what with “false witness” being one of God’s 10 biggies.

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    1. These authors market their books in teeny tiny categories that only have a few books in them, so it’s not hard to reach #1 in those categories. Then they neglect to mention that they only reached #1 in those teeny tiny categories.

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    2. Endless refreshing of his Amazon page on a day when he had a free book up.

      He probably spent 5 minutes as the #1 author in a category like “Right Wing Science Fiction (whatever subgenre he writes in, whatever age group, whatever plot)”.

      For example, “Science Fiction Action and Adventure — Space Opera — Space Marines — Age 12-18”.

      They get even longer and more fine-grained.


    3. Robin Hermann: How does Brian get to claim to be a #1 author?

      Ya see, there was this one day when he put his current book up for $0.00 on Amazon Kindle, then tweeted the fact that it was free to all of his followers on Twitter, and enough of them went and “bought” his book that, for 1 hour, his book was shown on Amazon as:
      #1 in Books > Science-fiction > Military SF > Apocalyptic Fiction > Gundam Fanfic

      Et voilà! He takes a screenshot of that, and then forever after, he gets to refer to himself as a #1 Best-selling Author!

      I’m not kidding you, this is really what these morons do. Which is why you should disbelieve anyone who calls themselves a “#1 Best-Selling Author” until after you’ve Googled their name in conjunction with “New York Times Best Sellers” and “USA TODAY Best-Selling” and have determined whether they are, in fact. actually a #1 Best-Selling Author”.

      Also, if an author brags about winning an Award, Google that award. If you don’t recognize the name of the award, it’s mostly likely a “Pay-For-Play” award whereby the author sends an e-copy of their book and a sizable wallet biopsy to a website with a quasi-legit-sounding “literary society” name which then provides them with an electronic badge they can put on their website and their book which says “ShamHugo Award Winner” or some such shit.

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      1. Good lord, what a con. I mean, I knew these jackholes were all grifters, but still. Thank you for the explanation!

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    4. It’s not all that difficult to be number on in a small Amazon subcategory. I was number 1 in lesbian romance and epic fantasy short stories at one point. It makes for a cool screenshot, but it doesn’t actually mean anything.

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      1. Yes. Its very easy. I wrote a PoD-Books about boardgames years ago and I reached numberone in a tiny subcategory, because I sold 5 books within a month.
        Not many books about boardgames, mind you.

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      2. Is there one catagory lesbian romance in epic fantasy short stories, or did you get both of them?
        Because I would say lesbian romance doesn’t seem that small a subcategory.
        Epic Fantasy is now nothink that I really conect to short stories so I would exspect that catagory to be smaller.
        Okay getting a one when the book is free or seeling 5 books in a mounth doesn’t seem that impresive for me.

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      3. Nope, they were different books in different categories. And lesbian romance is definitely a bigger category than epic fantasy short stories, because it required selling more books to reach No. 1. Though I was briefly ahead of GRRM in epic fantasy short stories, which makes for a neat screenshot.

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    5. Almost probably in the same way that I can (most probably) legitimately claim to be the #1 author of space western satire about SF fandom. I am, as far as I am aware, the only person fitting that description.

      The best thing with that is that if that IS accurate, I am also the worst, keeping be from getting too large a head and having my id and ego burst all over my desk.

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  6. Holy shit, he’s bragging about GUNDAM FANFIC?!

    That’s really embarrassing. I mean, even for him.

    Surprised the Gundam people didn’t sue him; anime/merch companies take that stuff almost as seriously as Disney.


    1. On his website, he markets one of his books as “Gundam meets Tom Clancy”, another as “Macross meets 40K!”, and another as “Gundam Wing meets Ender’s Game”. 🙄


      1. ‘and another as “Gundam Wing meets Ender’s Game”.’

        Oh, unfortunately I’m only in the market for “Gundam ZZ meets Speaker for the Dead”

        (Also reminded of the bit in Ada Palmer’s Terra Ignota where a secret text that’s been made out to be highly important turns out to be “Gundam meets the Iliad.”)

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    2. (Lurkertype, I made up the #1 Category listing, but I’m sure the one he uses to justify his claim was something very similar.)

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      1. It was plausible, that’s for sure.

        Bet he’d get all hissy if someone ripped off his “books” but has no problem ripping off lots of other authors who managed something original.

        It was probably something like “>Space Mecha” which might as well say “Gundam”.


      2. As far as I know, Gundam fanfic is not an Amazon subcategory,though they have weird SFF subcategories like Military science fiction –> Space Marine or Space Fleet.


      3. He made it to #1 in the department for Blasphemy, Heresy and Apostasy I’m not kidding, that actually exists:

        (His book’s since fallen to #33, though, and it’s being outsold by a load of cobblers about the Illuminati)

        And yeah, it’s not too hard to make it near the top of a particular category. I made it to #6 of Amazon UK’s department for books on horror films, so I suppose I could call myself a “top 10 Amazon bestseller” if I wanted to make a complete douche out of myself

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      4. *Bizarrely* that Amazon link displays in hangul for me, despite that being the third language (behind English (UK) and Japanese) that I ask my laptop to display in.

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      5. That’s hilarious, even if I couldn’t get the link to work.

        Amazon Canada thoughtfully asks me if I want “brian niemeyer” when I search for him in an attempt to find the Blasphemy section. Apparently he’s not too popular up here (although insert my standard rant about Amazon search becoming more and more useless).


      6. Brian Niemeier is an Amazon No. 1 blasphemer, heretic and apostate. Somehow, given how very religious he is, I didn’t think that was something he’d want to celebrate.

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      7. @Doris: Thankfully that link only got me a picture of an adorable Pomeranian. Possibly a puppy thereof, heh.

        I wonder what a Gundam heresy would be? Supporting the establishment instead of the plucky rebels?

        Does he have anything that’s “Iron Blooded Orphans meets Ender’s Shadow”? (That’s actually very plausible.)

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