Month: Mar 2021

  • Debarkle Chapter 19: SP1—How to get Correia Nominated for a Hugo

    Cue plaintive sad background music: “Hello. I’m Larry Correia, and I need your help. You too can tell stuffy literati types to go screw themselves.” After his successful bid to be a finalist for the Astounding (aka Campbell) Award in 2011, Larry Correia made a second bid to be nominated for a Hugo Award […]

  • Debarkle Chapter 18: Meanwhile…2012 Romney versus Obama

    [Content warning for racism, religious prejudice and accounts of mass shootings] On May 16 2011 a minor sideshow in the Republican Party’s bid to oust Barack Obama came to an end: businessman and TV celebrity Donald Trump announced that he wouldn’t be running for president. Trump had been hounding Obama over the so-called “birther” issue […]

  • Susan’s Salon: 2021 March 28/29

    ♈️ Please use the comment section to just chat about whatever you want. Susan’s Salon is posted early Monday (Sydney time which is still Sunday in most countries) . It’s fine to be sad, worried, very worried, angry or maybe even happy (or all of those things at once). Please feel free to post what […]

  • A Superversive eligibility list

    I’ve not seen anybody try to do this on the right-hand lane of fandom for awhile. L Jagi Lamplighter is compiling a great big list of 2020 SFF works on the Superversive blog. Sensibly she is keeping it low-tech. People put suggestions in the comments and then periodically she’ll update the list on the blog. […]

  • I rewatched Avengers: Infinity War + Endgame as a TV show

    I mentioned in my review of the Snyder Cut of Justice League that I had recently rewatched Marvel’s grand finale of the Avengers films. I did this partly because I enjoyed the films but also because I had a theory that having watched WandaVision would improve the films. On the WandaVision thesis, I think I’m […]

  • Not a review of Falcon and the Winter Soldier

    Yeah…ok. So two episodes in and I’m not bored. It’s just, I’m still not sure what to make of it. Episode 2, without really doing any big dramatic twists, still managed to convey a very different sense of what is going on than episode 1. Now that could be because the show is a mess […]

  • Debarkle Chapter 17: Vox Day’s Gamma Game

    [Content warning: this chapter discusses some extreme political views that were expressly anti-women and also themes around sexual assault. In general, I’ll avoid direct links to extremist sites and will use links to critics, in particular, Rational Wiki and David Futrelle’s ‘We Hunted The Mammoth’ ] By 2010, Vox Day had experimented with a number […]

  • Advance warning for the next chapter

    Just digging this image out of the archives because you are going to need it. We’ve reached the point were I have to explain Vox Day’s pick-up artist blog.

  • Debarkle Chapter 16: Larry Goes to Reno

    2011 was already starting to be a good year for Larry Correia. Early in January his 2010 book Monster Hunter Vendetta was number 5 on the Locus Bestseller list for paperbacks[1]. A week later, he posted on his blog a suggestion for his fans: “The Hugo Awards are fan based awards given out at each […]

  • Average Hugo Age

    I can’t recall if I’ve posted this before but I needed the table, so here it is. This is the average age (based on available data) of Hugo finalists and winners in the main story categories (novel, novella, novelette, short) Year finalist winner Grand Total 1953 40.0 40.0 1955 42.8 42.8 1956 38.2 49.3 39.7 […]

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