Straw Puppy’s POTUS Polls: Nearly There!

It is the 20th here but still a day to go in the USA before Joe Biden is sworn in and the 2020 US Presidential Election manages to be over. Trump’s post-defeat tantrums have only made a bad reputation worse.

Yet that rump of Americans who adore Trump are not yet disenchanted. The wider group of right wingers who share the same antipathies but didn’t attach those feeling to Trump (the Brads & Larrys) are also equally entrenched in their belief that a Democratic presidency marks some kind of end times.

Is there any sign that they have come to terms with Trump’s defeat yet? It is early days but the sure signs of when the right shifts gears is when the rhetoric turns back to how-bad-the-defecit-is and hysterical claims about caravans of refugees at the southern border.

Popular among the right-wing sources I track is the pooh-poohing of the idea that there is any danger of pro-Trump/anti-Democrat violence. This may seem remarkable given this month’s events or indeed just from their rhetoric about “the ammo box” being the only “box” left to them (the line being that the left has stolen the soap box, ballot box and jury box). This dissonant pairing isn’t new — the right have been in denial about far-right violence for years and yet, at the same time, keen to claim that any progressive policies run the danger of pushing the right into armed insurrection.

With the 6 January Capitol riot, you can track the competing narratives from days before the event. The two narratives were expressed as the protests being righteous anger at the “steal” versus violence created by antifascist infiltrators. Immediately prior to 6 Jan, the line was that any violence would be because of “antifa” trying to make the Trump supporters look bad. On the day itself, there were competing claims. On the one hand, people already primed to blame any bad news on antifa and on the other, many on the right genuinely excited by events and hence keen to claim it for the right. Since then, as the attempted coup turned out not to be popular with wider America, the narrative has shifted back to “it’s the left who are the violent ones”.

55 thoughts on “Straw Puppy’s POTUS Polls: Nearly There!

  1. I’m also seeing claims on the Right that Qanon is composed of harmless little lambs who just want to chat about how much they love America, and that the Left is attempting to make them sound dangerous in order to create a totalitarian state or cancel Jesus or something.

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    1. I did kinda laugh at the news that someone from QAnon was live-streaming the audio of a procedural/evidence hearing of Ghislane Maxwell’s lawyers.

      (It was as dull as you’d think.)


  2. the narrative has shifted back to “it’s the left who are the violent ones”.

    The cognitive dissonance burns when the guilty ones posted their crimes up for all to see on social media, probing beyond a shadow of a doubt that ‘the left’ wasn’t involved at all.
    I’d also claim hypocrisy, but the right doesn’t care one whit about how hypocritical they are; it’s a fact of existence for them.

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  3. Beale update: he’s so happy anticipating tomorrow’s mass arrests/murders/whatever that you can practically hear him giggling as you read his blog entries.

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    1. I would ask if there’s even the slightest chance that Beale will make some slight, ever-so-brief contact with reality when Biden is sworn in at noon tomorrow, but we all know the answer is no.

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      1. Beale is a mistery to me.
        Is he really a true believer ? Or is it just a marketing scheme for his brands ?


      2. I’m not sure Beale could tell you himself. In the end, the only thing I can say with certainty is that the Dark Lord Gossage-Vardebedian Spode does it all in futile efforts to prove to the world that he’s as smart as he thinks himself. Though being him, I think he’s lost track of how it’s going to do that, and just keeps doing things in the hope that it will somehow work. And because giving up would mean admitting that, no, he wasn’t as smart as he imagined.

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      3. He’s been careful to hedge his bet over the past couple of weeks — saying that if Biden is sworn in, everybody should wait 48 hours to see how things play out. So assuming a peaceful transfer of power, noon Friday (D.C. time) would be when to start checking in on him.


      4. And lo, PhilRM was revealed to be a prophet!

        Or, y’know, just someone who can observe and predict according to common sense.


    2. More from Beale: He’s now busy banning people from his blog for the crime of doubting the great plan and thinking that maybe Beale has talking crap for the past 6, 12, 60 months…

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  4. It’s also interesting that the line used is so similar to that taken prior to Obama taking office in 2009 – it’s a socialist/commie conspiracy designed to steal all our guns and our money etc. They really don’t have anything else.(Hence the “joke” that you can tell when Republicans know the jig is up, because they start wailing about the deficit.)

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  5. Several RWNJ tried to claim Mr. MAGA Shaman was actually antifa, at which point he proudly went back on line to point out what a loyal stooge he was for the RWNJ cabal and how long he’d been trotting around looking like a Ren Faire reject at gatherings of MAGAts.

    I don’t remember if that was before or after he was arrested.

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      1. Honestly, I’m fine with them giving him the organic food. Mostly because denying specific forms of food (within reason) is one of those lines that could open up all sorts of cans of worms if you crossed it. (See also, known religious requirements, known allergic reactions…) I know ‘organic’ isn’t as hardline a requirement as those, but it’s a place I’m willing to leave a spike in the slippery slope.


      2. Sure, but how many BIPOC people in jail would like to have organic food, and can’t get a judge to rule on it so quickly? Heck, how many ordinary prisoners who are SWM would like it but are stuck eating mystery meat?

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      1. Seriously, if any SFF author put stupidity like this in their book, they’d get ridiculed into deleting their account on Twitter.
        That applies just as accurately to Trump himself: he’s like a caricature of an American businessman created by some hack Soviet novelist in the 1960s – a caricature that would have caused the censor to return the draft with a note to make the character at least slightly believable.

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      1. It’s from CBS, so region-locked to the US, I’m guessing, plus music rights apply.

        Not only a brilliant filk, but a good use of currently-underused facilities and talent, plus the charity plug at the end is lovely.


  6. The Economist had a poll today – 75% of Democrats know what Qanon is vs 50% of Republicans. More educated people are more likely to be familiar with the ideas.
    I have no idea what to make of this

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    1. Michael Rothman (Puppyish author – the guy who had the sob story about his kids being upset by No Award in 2015) was saying this month that he hadn’t heard of QANON until the news coverage of Jan 6.

      Maybe he was lying, I don’t know. However, the ideas slip seamlessly from these weird niches into broader rightwing Facebook communities, likes jokes in a playground.


      1. I’ve often found people on the semi-moderate right surprisingly ignorant about the goings-on of the more extreme right. They’ll use talking points and memes that are originally from far right groups, without knowing where the ideas come from. They’ll share a link to an article on a far-right website, and say they didn’t know that other articles on the same site advocates literal genocide. In some cases this descends to defending violence from far-right groups as an “isolated incident”, because they don’t know about all the other episodes of violence or that the violence fits with the group’s ideology.

        The same kind of thing happens with other kinds of conspiracy, too. People will share an article about how vaccines aren’t properly tested, and not know that they guy who wrote it also claims vaccines contains microchips. Or they’ll share an article about vaccines having microchips, and not know that the writer of that article also believes BIll Gates is a space lizard.

        I think some of it is due to a lack of intellectual curiosity – as in, they’ll see some talking point or meme that resonates with them, so they’ll share that on Facebook withouth thinking too closely about what the meme really says, or where it comes from, or what else is on the website in the corner. Some of it is a result of more or less deliberate deception from the core – they will present a sane and respectable face in in public, and then some will be fooled by that. Scientology takes the deception part to the extreme, by luring people in with self-help classes and hiding the science fiction stuff until later, but in other cases I suspect the deceptive messaging is primarily meant as codewords for the initiated and the recruitement effect on non-believers is accidental.

        I’m rambling.

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      2. Also “Q” memes are showing up in unexpected places, such as the New-Agey “wellness” community, as this article from Cosmopolitan explains: The Unlikely Connection Between Wellness Influencers and the Pro-Trump Rioters.

        Most of these New-Agey folks think of themselves as being liberal, and may not know where these memes are coming from… it wouldn’t surprise me if many of them have never heard of Qanon.

        Some of my friends seem to be buying in to the milder forms of COVID and vaccine denialism, and they hotly deny that this stuff comes from scary right wing sources. It’s very worrying.


      3. Re: wellness groups
        That is, sadly, not entirely surprising, given that ‘wellness’ is so often squishy woo-centered vitalism and completely lacking in any sort of reality check. Which can lead to ‘health secrets they don’t want you to know’ thinking, which then leads to other conspiracy theories.

        People have been noting for a while that the whole anti-vaxx movement has shifted over the years from a ‘natural living’ sort of thing to a more general ‘freedom from government interference’ sort of thing, and that what used to be a more isolationist left-wing movement has been largely driven by libertarian types more recently.

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  7. ProPublica has posted a collection of more than 500 videos of the insurrection at the Capitol which were downloaded from Parler, staged in order of timestamp.

    Many of them stupidly film themselves, providing their own positive identification. Many of the people being filmed talk directly to the camera (and many of the small number of them who are wearing masks take them off to do so).

    It’s like a case study in abject stupidity.

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  8. They just pretended that the Q people were enthusiastic and indeed larping for effect in the movement. That insincerity thing again. But the point of all of them is to be seen as the good, righteous folk who the majority of the society supports. But just in case it wasn’t, they had disavowals ready, as Hoyt did trying to claim ahead of time that any violence would be the imaginary “Antifa” hordes. So when the terrorists invaded the Capitol, announced they were taking hostages and wanted to hang Pence, beat up cops and killed one of them, that didn’t look very good and righteous to the majority. So a lot of them tried the Antifa claim and I’m sure many will keep beating that rug for years, though the politicians had to give it up after about a day.

    But the problem is that all the yahoos filmed themselves, talked about their plans and then thought nobody was coming for them. As main figures get arrested and many of them are prominent figures in the right wing or shockingly for many Americans are cops, firefighters and veterans, the Antifa narrative was mainly shut down. Plus the rest of them just seem like violent fools, including the ones who smeared their crap on the walls and provided DNA samples and the convicts wearing ankle bracelets. It’s very hard to look like the good, righteous, superior folk with that crew. But they can disavow parts of them, like Proud Boys disavowing the QAnon folk. They can pretend they weren’t that violent and the “Left” is super violent and inferior. But in terms of political violence, it is the white supremacist right that is wracking up a body count, including some of their own and several cops over the last year.

    So they’re nervous, hiding, sulking, trying to salvage things and rally around the farthest right Congresspeople. And yeah, starting to talk about the deficit and how Biden must magically fix the vaccine problems Trump created. They never change the tune; they just change the rationales, like shuffling cards in a deck.

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  9. You guys!

    I went online to news sites and my shoulders didn’t go up to my ears and I didn’t feel nauseous when I read the words “President of the United States”.

    Same with the photos!

    And the press secretary took questions from reporters and was polite to them!

    It’s a good start, anyway.

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    1. I cried when Gaga sang “our flag… was… still… there”. That was such a powerful, poignant moment.

      The Inaugural Celebration Team had pretty obviously started working the moment that it became clear that Biden was the winner. It was evident that so much thought had been put into the choices of the performers and the works, and that everything had been well-rehearsed and choreographed despite the limitations imposed by the coronavirus.

      The words of so many of the songs had real meaning under the current circumstances. So many of the people and groups featured in the virtual parade and the individual spotlights had real significance.

      My sibling knows someone who knows someone involved with the fireworks presentation. They said it was what normally would have been a 40-minute show crammed into 4 minutes. It was absolutely spectacular.

      I am glad that they were able to give Biden and Harris (and the American people) a wonderful inauguration celebration despite the constraints of the pandemic. It was a really joyful, hopeful day.

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  10. “Some of my friends seem to be buying in to the milder forms of COVID and vaccine denialism”

    For reasons I never particularly understood, libertarians used to be (and may still be for all I know) keen on “HIV does not cause AIDS.”


      1. Ugh. I’d remembered that Hogan was a Velikovskyite, but I’d forgotten he’d got into HIV/AIDS denialism, too.

        Honestly, in his later years he seemed to go the Scott Adams route of being so convinced of his own brilliance that he became impossible to teach anything to. He’d latch on to ‘radical theories’, and ignore the fact that they had been looked at before and found to not work.

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  11. Sara and her commentariat are now planning a new boycott…of the US economy!

    I think the plan is to make the economic figures look bad in the first month of the new presidency, so that something, something everyone will realise that Biden is a bad man.


  12. I can’t get over how much a difference of a couple of days makes. For the last four years, I haven’t been able to listen to more than a few seconds of speeches by the president and his press conference lackeys, because the constant blatant lies and self-aggrandizement were just nauseating. There was no point in listening, because I knew it was all untrue.

    In the last 2 days, I have listened to speeches by the President and Vice-President and by his Press Secretary. I’ve heard them speak truths. I’ve heard them admitting they don’t have answers for everything, but are doing the best to find answers. I’ve seen them call out the wrongs that have been done over the last 4 years and the people who did those wrongs. I’ve seen them promise things are going to start changing right away — and actually start making those changes. I’ve seen them voice genuine care and empathy for the American people who they serve.

    I knew that I carried a burden of horror and fear and grief on my shoulders every day, but I didn’t know just how bad it was until a lot of it was lifted away.

    Did you see the look on Fauci’s face at the press briefing? He had such a big smile, and he looked 10 years younger. I’d never have guessed he could look that way. He had such joy at being able to tell the truth and advocate for the right things, without fear of being reprimanded or fired or smeared in the press by his boss.

    For the first time in a long time, I have hope that the U.S. might do better.

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    1. I have mostly seen Biden confirm the right to choose puppet dictators in Latin-America by confirming Trump’s choice of Guaido, confirming Trump’s decision to applaud Israels ethnical cleansing of Palestinans from East-Jerusalem, confirm Trump’s policy of genocide in Yemen.

      He’s less shitty than Trump, but who isn’t? Genuine care and empathy though? Nah. Just your ordinary US Supremacist.


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