Debarkle cover art

I have so many tools to aid procrastination, both electronic and cognitive. One of my favourites is spending time making covers for books/blog-series that I haven’t written yet. So here is the base image for my first Debarkle cover. Those of you who followed Chiseled McEdifice’s adventures will know that this is unlikely to be the last.

21 thoughts on “Debarkle cover art

  1. My first impression was of a jet-powered puppy blasting off into some kind of murky depths (heights? Can one blast off downwards (one might argue the Puppies certainly tried)). This is what I get for looking at things on my antique phone screen.

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    1. I can’t claim that was deliberate because it wasn’t how I planned it …but when I combined the two renders, I saw that the rocket relfection looked like the puppy head was blasting upwards and I thought “well, that works as well”


  2. At first glance, I thought it looked like a wine/ bottle stopper, or possible the top handle for a fancy dark lord walking cane! — ideas for the debarkle gift shop merch!

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      1. Face it, Cam — at this point, you’re really obligated to come up with an online shop featuring Timothy, Susan, Straw Puppy, Chiseled McEdifice, Cattimothy House, and Debarkle merchandise. πŸ˜€

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      2. Mike Glyer: Wait β€” does that mean JJ has been using dog head wine bottle stoppers all along? *croggle*


        I use only Official Credential Wine Stoppers on my wine bottles.

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      3. But I ask myself, “Do I want to drink something that’s been sitting under a cat’s butt?”


      4. Mike, face it — if you’ve ever lived with cats, you’ve already drunk something that was under a cat’s butt.

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    1. Yes! The puppy is cute. That’s the problem with a deplorable group naming itself after one of the world’s cutest animals. (At least for this dog-lover.)

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      1. Make it a Rabid Puppy, they’d like that. And snarling and drooling is not at all cute.

        Also, it’d point out how Larry and Brad lost control of it really fast and thus ended up being, if I may make a canine pun, Teddy’s bitches.

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