Further Annals of Libertarians Discovering Capitalism Sucks

I alluded to Larry Correia’s feelings being hurt by the action of Apple, Google and Amazon against conservative social media service Parler. As a reminder, Parler as well a being a privacy-data nightmare had such weak moderation processes that it was beset with issues with threats of violence.

Larry, who has been tirelessly pushing electoral fraud conspiracy theories since last November is rushing to the defence of Parler.

“Now comes the part where leftists suddenly love free enterprise and companies being able to do whatever they want… Okay, can all the small businesses open? Nope. Only companies that benefit leftist orthodoxy get to do what they want, and if you disagree with this double standard, obviously you hate–the leftist has to look at the printed word and try to sound it out–cap e tall ism?”


The “leftist orthodoxy” in question being “don’t murder Mike Pence” which…well I know I agree with that principle but I would not want to be too bold in claiming everybody I know on the left agrees with that on principle. I know for a fact that “let’s not overthrow the government” isn’t exactly against leftist orthodoxy. The principle on the left is more “we know that there are legal consequences for asking for people to break the law because we have a basic understanding of the nature of law, politics and common sense”

Larry goes on to explain:

“In principle I’m usually in favor of letting businesses do whatever they want. You know what else I’m usually against in principle? Bombing Japan. Yet strangely, after Pearl Harbor, circumstances changed, and things which were previously disagreeable become necessary. Go figure.”


True, all out war is a circumstance in which normal rules of interaction between nations are suspended. Which…well…isn’t that an argument in favour of big tech clamping down hard on a platform being used to encourage the over throw of your country’s constitution? To be fair, you don’t visit Larry’s Facebook page for clear thinking.

“So basically, if Home Depot and a cabal of every building supply store in the country wants to ban an entire class of citizens, that’s fine, just grow your own trees, cut them down, and shape them into lumber yourself. Oh… except once you’ve put in the labor and grown the trees, then the saw companies say no chainsaws for you either. I guess you should just build your own chainsaws from scratch.”


Their should be a word for this — “suspended epiphany”. I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve seen people online walk up to an idea and get close enough to see the generalisation and realise that their core beliefs are just fundamentally misguided and then…well, just not take that step.

“Like I skimmed the comments to this post yesterday, and it was as expected. HUR DUR YOU SAID NO BAKE CAKE! Oh yeah… That’s totally the same thing. Because remember that time the entire baking industry colluded to deny bread to all gay people, and when the free market responded and somebody opened an LGBT bakery the powerful oven industry stepped in to shut them down… You fucking dopes.”


He is correct that it is not the same thing. The difference is that women, people of colour in the USA, gay men, lesbians, trans people, disabled people and a whole host of other people who have faced systemic and overt prejudice for years and years genuinely HAVE faced the situation where the individual “freedom” for business to discriminate that conservatives & libertarians have championed, has been so widespread that it the outcome was the same as massive collusion by business to exclude, discriminate and denigrate them. It’s exactly what people have been trying to explain to you for years and what you have so tirelessly scoffed and scorned them about.

Ownership of commerce is political power. That is either true or it isn’t. If it isn’t then Larry has no complaint. If it is then…well the question is one of whether these big corporations are using that power for good or ill and for that we can’t ignore WHAT was going on with Parler.

Hey Larry! Don’t you know that the “evil corporation” is a boring cliche of SJW message fiction? You should because you literally told us:

“The hoighty-toighty literati snobs prefer heavy handed, ham fisted, message fiction. (show picture of sci-fi readers giving up in frustration as they read yet another award winning book where evil corporations, right wing religious fanatics, and a thinly veiled Dick Cheney have raped the Earth until all the polar bears have died and the plot consists entirely of academic hipster douchebags sitting around and talking about their feelings)  


You also were opposed to any limits on big tech in 2014

– “We believe that the Internet shouldn’t be rigged to benefit big corporations, and that means real net neutrality.”
Wrap your brain around that hypocritical bullshit. We must protect the internet from evil corporations? What about the NSA reading all our stuff? What about the government deciding what can and can’t be said, and Progressive senators trying to pass “Kill Switches”? I’m not a fan of Google, but Google can’t send a SWAT team to my house to kill me.”


It is a bit late in the day for Larry to discover that Elizabeth Warren had a point but it is noticeable that the step big tech took that tipped Larry over the edge was them clamping down on speech aimed at inciting violence to over throw an election.

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  1. As a leftist, I am firmly opposed to murdering Mike Pence. The reason for this is that I long ago decided that Pence is actually one of those Clive Barker creatures that walk around wearing someone else’s skin, so if I were to, say, shoot him, he would just laugh in a disturbing manner, spit out the bullets, and then eat my soul.

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  2. I found it interesting, that I lost the nerve to read Larry, durring the sad Puppies, I thought:
    Okay the guy is completly wrong, but at last he writs so that can at last see, what he is talking about, that puts him above the others.
    I can say that this is for me the case any longer.

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  3. So free market capitalism fucking sucks? You think? And we just don’t like those Big Evil Corporations? Wow. Gee he sounds like a SJW.

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  4. To be fair, “lynching is wrong” is probably as close to left-wing orthodoxy as you’re going to find.However, I don’t think anyone expected the applications to include preventing the president from having the VP lynched.

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  5. Why, oh why oh why do Conservatives such as Larry and all his little Con friends think that using such worn-out logical fallacies is somehow scoring them magical debate points? That trick was debunked decades ago.
    Do they all have the same playbook? Do they all think we’re collectively stupider than they are?

    On the topic of ‘gay cakes’, it’s a false comparison and I wish people would stop trying to make it. The better comparison is a bar patron who gets drunk and starts a fight, and the bar gets to kick him out because of what he did, not what he is.

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    • It’s not for us, it’s for them. They don’t have principles, they have pretexts. Anything to preserve the notion that they are the poor persecuted good guys instead of the bullying would-be tyrants that they are. It is no coincidence that right wing organisations are often named for things they are against.

      They hate the idea of gays getting equal rights so of course they support discrimination against gays, and play the martyr card when the people who put that into practice get prosecuted. But when their side suffers consequences for their bad actions it’s discrimination that should be illegal.

      They pose as patriots out to save America and the Constitution while demanding that the Vice President claim the power to unilaterally reject votes certified by the States, and calling him a traitor when he follows the Constitution. The same for the conservative judges who refuse to disenfranchise thousands of American citizens on the basis of bullshit lawsuits. I can only hope that the Republican Party sees the danger and the need to clean their house.

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  6. ABC in Phoenix is reporting about the “horned protester”‘s preciousness …. 🙂

    “Jacob Chansley, AKA Jake Angeli, Arizona man makes first court appearance in for charges related to storming the U.S. Capitol. His mom says he hasn’t eaten since Friday because the detention facility won’t feed him all organic food.”


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    • Poor little soy boy snowflake! Expecting special treatment, with that organic food scam! He’ll eat mystery meat and PB&J like everyone else in jail, or at least quit whining like a little girl.

      Also, no one is surprised that the statement is coming from his mom, who’s parenting probably had something to do with her son being such an entitled snowflake loser.

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  7. Back in the 90s, a friend’s father took on the role of LGBT+ baker. He was a successful small town insurance agent, and one of our other friends was an out lesbian in a nearby large city. She and her partner approached the insurance agent she knew and trusted for help setting up their needs. He did the work, they were happy, and went on to recommend him to LGBT+ friends in the city. By the time my friend’s father retired, about a third of his oversized practice was people who would drive 90 minutes to work with an insurance agent who would do business with them and treat them well.

    So one couldn’t say the oven industry shut them down, and treating people like people certainly worked great for my friend’s dad, but that free market could’ve been a bit more elastic.

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  8. “Suspended Epiphany” is the name of my next band.

    Although “suspended” implies they’ll be back later to pick it up. I think “Rejected Epiphany” is a better description of what the RW does… walk right up to it and then go “naaah” and run away.

    Also, if Larry doesn’t think Google, FB, etc. share data with the government, he’s even stupider than we thought. They roll over for subpoenas like a dog for a tummy rub. So, yes, they *can* send a SWAT team to your door. The NSA and FBI don’t hardly have to spy on people any more, they can just look at FB and Twitter.

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  9. You’ve got to love a right wing authoritarian complaining about authoritarianism and double standards. How dare the concept of segregation that they’ve been all for still using against marginalized groups be possibly used against people in dominant groups who love segregation and dominance!

    Except as already noted, it isn’t segregation of conservatives. It’s got little to do with the free market at all. It is using freedom of association and legal obligations to block illegal activity on their site. If you find a group using your company to deal illegal drugs, you don’t let them keep using your company. If you find a group using your site to incite a violent assassination plot of the Vice President of the U.S. and other Congressional leaders, you don’t keep letting the group use your site to foment more violent criminal activity like, say, insurrection. Even, eventually, if it’s the president of the U.S.

    Larry Correia’s Twitter account is just fine. So are millions of other U.S. conservatives. All these sites kicked off people and groups that were engaged in illegal activity that could legally endanger these companies. If the companies had acted earlier to shut down the illegal activity, then conservatives would still have screamed but we might not have had the Capitol invaded by a murderous terrorist mob. We might never have had Q be invented by 4chan hoaxers. But we did, and now these companies are facing legal action against them for not enforcing their own publicly stated rules and allowing illegal activity to be planned out and coordinated on their property.

    Which to be fair everyone has been warning them about for over twenty years of the Internet and decades of mass shootings (90% of them by white supremacy conservatives.) But again we are seeing that right wing belief that people don’t genuinely mean what they say or even do — only posturing to win the game. And so they didn’t believe these sites would ever follow their own TOS. After all, there were no real consequences for all the violent plots, death and rape threats, harassment mobs, defamation lies, etc. on these sites before — since it didn’t hurt their business. So if they do it now, it can’t be because they’ve realized the legal liability, Section 230 be damned, is considerable and they need to actually do what they said they would do and get rid of illegal activity (law and order.) It has to be instead the start of progressive dictatorship — and one that is insincere and just meant to win the game.

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  10. I feel obligated to note that the Dark Lord Gossage-Vardebedian Spode recently went down the rabbit hole on an absurd rumor that Pope Francis had been arrested on child pornography charges. As usual, His Nibs tried to weasel word it to make it sound like he was skeptical, but whenever people pointed out various flaws, he began his wait and see bullshit.

    His inability to alter his behavior is… something.

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    • Besides being generally stupid, it’s specifically stupid since the Pope is also the legal head of state of a country, and they don’t get arrested for anything as “minor” as that.

      JCW and Declan are going to be most upset.

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  11. So a question about terminology here: Is it common to call something a “[group] ortodoxy” if it’s equally common outside [group] as inside? Or is the term usually reserved to things that makes the group different, things that separates the group from the rest of the world?

    I thought it was the latter, but that makes it very difficult to see which “leftist ortodoxy” LC is talking about here.


  12. As I noted above, we’re the ones who are anti-lynching, end of sentence, no matter who the (actual or intended) target is. They’re fine with lynching and extra-judicial killings as long as they get to pick the target.

    What LC means by “leftist orthodoxy” is something like “a belief or position he disagrees with, especially if it involves helping people who are neither rich nor white.” But that’s like pointing out that “political correctness” is right-wing speak for “not using ethnic or other slurs” and “SJW” is something like “advocate of liberty and justice for all, rather than special rights for straight white men.”

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