Dragon Awards 2021

Usually my Dragon Award coverage is about how nobody knows what is going on because the website is broken and/or contradictory. Currently that’s not the case. Nominations opened on time last November and that’s what the site says and the links work. Well, most of the links work. To nominate you have to agree to the rules but the link to the rules just takes you back to main page. You can read the 2020 rules here https://web.archive.org/web/20200414172023/http://application.dragoncon.net/dragon_awards_terms_conditions.php

We also have our first Dragon Award list of the year, from who else but Declan Finn! Unfortunately Declan is somewhat disenchanted with the whole business of asking people to discuss the Dragons:

“But I am no longer going to ask for more suggestions. I’m not even going to try for a discussion this year. Why? Because every time I’ve done this, no one WANTS a discussion. Almost everyone who comes by drops a link in the comments going ME ME ME, and disappears.”


I can see how that might be annoying. Imagine people using award discussions just as a means to self-promote! What kind of person would do that? It must be terrible for Declan to have to endure that.

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        1. I still laugh so hard every time I think of that: “How dare they arrest me, just for breaching security at an airport!

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          1. The story only gets better as the months go by – with this part magically foreshadowing later events in Washington. Declan Finn is a genius. Perhaps the greatest author of his generation…by accident.

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      1. That was one of the most entertaining pieces of fantasy fiction I read in 2020 – perhaps there’s a slot in the Dragons for it?!


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