Straw Puppy’s POTUS Polls: Panic Trump

We haven’t quite reached the point yet where the campaigning in the US Presidential election has dragged on for longer AFTER the election than it did before but it feels like it. Law suits continue but with defamation threats and increasingly wild conspiracy theories, the focus has begun to shift elsewhere.

This week we have the Georgia run-off election, which hopefully Trump has sufficiently sabotaged to undermine the Republicans. We also have Congress confirming the votes of the Electoral College — a process that I suspect most people had almost no knowledge of prior to 2020/21 because it is a formality. As of writing this post, these events are yet to happen.

What has happened is Republican’s finding some genuine evidence of attempted electoral fraud! Unfortunately for the GOP, the perpetrator is Donald Trump who attempted to get Georgia to “find” him some extra votes. Well, they did say the fraud was real…


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  1. While it’s quite possible Trump will dwindle into insignificance after he leaves the White House (I’ve heard different opinions on this, and don’t know how it will play out) I don’t think Republicans can turn back now. This is the new normal — never accept any Democratic win as legitimate, do whatever you can to retain power, and it’s okay to be blatant about it.
    Given the unlikelihood of neutralizing Republicans politically any time in the near future, I don’t know where we go from here. To hell in a hand basket, quite possibly.

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  2. Currently, we in the DC-Baltimore area are waiting for Trump’s “wild” gathering of protesters tomorrow on January 6, which is when Pence is supposed to certify the electoral votes.

    However, it looks like the DC Police is actively trying to stifle any violence before it arises. They struck the first blow by arresting Enrique Torrio, the leader of top white supremacist gang the Proud Boys, right after he landed at the airport and crossed the DC line. The police planned to arrest him on a misdemeanor because he was one of the gang that ripped a Black Lives Banner from a DC Black church. But perhaps on a tip, the police also found two extended magazines for assaut-style rifles and a firearm, and each item equaled one felony charge for Torrio. He won’t be getting out of jail anytime soon.

    So the Proud Boys are missing a leader before a critical riot (forget protest} and perhaps the fear of God might have been imparted into the other leaders. We’ll see what happens tomorrow.

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  3. And the D.C. officials have called up fifteen hundred armed National Guard troops to quell any attempts at violence by the Proud Boys and the like. That in itself is a good reminder that Trump doesn’t control any military troops at all as they’re all under the control of local officials.

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  4. OGH sides have too much of a tendency to throw the “fascist” meme out into the political conversation without actually knowing what it means. Trump isn’t really one, nor is anyone on the Left. Trump’s a would-be authoritarian who lacks the military back-up to make it so. And no one on the Left really believes in strong authoritarianism either.


    • Cat –

      I agree that the word fascist gets thrown around too much, but I think Trump is at least fascist-adjacent, in that he seems to be willing to do anything that allows him to stay in power. Luckily, he’s failing. But his nativist/racist rhetoric, as well as his apparent willingness to categorize large groups of American citizens as undesirable or at least as having certain essential qualities, sure leans fascistic. And be honest, if some part of the American military decided to start a coup to keep him in power, what are the odds he’d say no? I think he’d be happy to let them do so.

      All of the above, combined with his bombastic rhetoric, calls to a golden past and willingness to endorse violence to achieve or maintain his power, certainly calls to mind the first fascist, Mussolini. Obviously, there are differences between them, but Musso certainly was as feckless and hard to pin down as our Beloved President. To me, the main difference seems to be that Mussolini was better at it, and got lucky a few times more.

      I don’t know. Maybe I’m just cynical and downhearted these days.

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      • The military in the United States has spent two and a half centuries avoiding getting involved in domestic politics. Trump isn’t going to change that no matter what the paranoid fantasies of both the Left and the Right are. Any strong armed attempt by him to change that would likely end badly for him.


      • The 14 signs of Fascism:
        Powerful and continuing nationalism
        Disdain for human rights
        Identification of enemies as a unifying cause
        Supremacy of the military
        Rampant sexism
        Controlled mass media
        Obsession with national security
        Religion and government intertwined
        Corporate power protected
        Labour power suppressed
        Disdain for intellectuals & the arts
        Obsession with crime & punishment
        Rampant cronyism & corruption
        Fraudulent elections

        The USA is perilously close to point 14, having already completed all the others under Trump.

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    • Trump is a fascist. A failed fascist, but still a fascist. He’s been trying to make fascism work for him, he just hasn’t fully succeeded. He came frighteningly close, but he seems to have failed. If he had another year, I suspect he’d have the military in his pocket, as well. It takes some time to dismantle a democratic republic, and he just didn’t have enough time, given his stupidity and incompetence. Without COVID-19, we’d probably be looking at the fall of the republic.

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      • I put him in the ‘proto-fascist’ camp meself. I’ve read numerous attempts to compare ‘Trumpism’ to ‘Peronism’, which miss the point–Trumpism is a semi-successful American Boulangism.


  5. Just finished another MAGA 2020 & Beyond story. It predicted that Trump would bankrupt the New York Times with a three billion dollar defamation lawsuit weeks before the 2020 election, which he’d win with 45 states and 83% of the popular vote. After that, he’d donate his entire second-term salary into research towards hovercars cancer vaccines and other such endeavours.
    The plot of the story is… some kids being told this during a school trip. That’s it, that’s the plot.

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    • The suspense is killing me. It’s the same as the Nlvember election — mail-in etc getting counted last, so the Repubs look ahead but the NYT keeps assurin me the Dems are favored. Gaaaaaaaaaaaah, where’s that bourbon?

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    • No, not really. This was an old- fashion mob with none of he organised skills that a true fascist undertaking has. It very obviously had no leaders, no planning, no real reason for existing beyond anger and fear of the other. My cats has more intelligence as a group that they did.


      • Yes, the beer hall putch wasn’t exactly peak planning and organisation either. Sadly, Hitler wasn’t stopped there for good, just given a few years in a cozy prison fortress to write Mein Kampf.

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      • I don’t think fascists are all that organized or smart, generally. Otherwise we’d all be speaking (whatever language the first fascist dictator spoke).


        • //Otherwise we’d all be speaking (whatever language the first fascist dictator spoke).//

          Or we could look at what language we are speaking and infer that the first fascist dictator was Henry the 7th 🙂


      • The intelligence and organisationtalent of fascist is a myth and was contrafactional propaganda.
        Just look at neo-nazis today. (Or one of the topnazis the owner of the Stürmer was very dumb)
        I will agree that Trumps incompetence was good for the world.
        But the question is re goals and methods.


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