Year: 2021

  • The Complete Debarkle (soft launch)

    Soft launches are trendy in marketing circles (or was that long lunches?). This time, this is more out of a vow to have this project all done before 2021 ends rather than cunning marketing. Currently, the final ebook version has hit a snag with Draft2Digital because their bots are picking up the shared content with […]


  • Firefly Friday: Ep 4 The Shindig

    If we are looking for parallels between the show’s setting and the US Civil War era, this episode has lots of them but at the same time present them in a way that makes an easy comparison difficult. There are references to slavery as a practice on the planet Persephone where the story is set […]

  • Timothy On The Edge

    [Scene: A folly on the grounds of Felapton Towers. Metacosmos ∂∅⦿6] Camestros: It’s quite a nice day, all things considered.Timothy the Talking Car [wearing a beret]: No it isn’t.Camestros: That’s just my opinion.Timothy: You’re opinion is trash.Camestros: Well, that’s unusually succinct from you. What’s the matter?Timothy: I’m being edgy now. It’s what I do.Camestros: Oh. […]

  • Review: Spider-Man and Hawkeye, MCU stuff, spoilers etc

    Spider-Man: No Way Home actually has a cinema advert from the cast asking people who see the film not to spoil it. Notably, the key spoiler isn’t the plot (the trailers explain the main premise: the world finds out Peter Parker is Spiderman, he gets Dr Strange to magic that problem away and it all […]

  • Review: Covid Rapid Antigen Testing – Part 2

    This time (actually a few days ago) we will be sticking things up our nose. Last time I tried a saliva test, which was very easy to use but which had lower sensitivity. This time I’m using a test that swabs the inside of your nose and is technically in the “high sensitivity” range (see […]

  • Susan’s Salon: Day After Boxing Day Edition

    Susan’s Salon: Day After Boxing Day Edition

    🎄🎄🎄🎄🎄🎄🎄🎄 You can use the comment section to chat about whatever you want. Susan’s Salon is posted early on Monday (Australian Eastern Standard Time, which is still Sunday in most places). It’s fine to be sad, worried, vaccinated, unvaccinated-yet, angry or maybe even happy (or all of those things at once). Please feel free to […]

  • Wheel of Time Season 1 Wrap Up

    For an infamously bloated fantasy series, the Amazon Wheel of Time adaptation covered a lot of ground in 8 episodes. There are spoilers below for those who haven’t read the books and spoilers about what was changed for those who have read the books.

  • Have a great day

    From everybody at Felapton Towers.

  • Firefly Friday: Ep 3 Bushwacked

    Oh, this was very good. There’s a definite spark here and the claustrophobic sets and cast dynamic works together to make a great bit of science fiction television. If you haven’t watched Firefly then start here. OK, that might not work but this is episode shows the show working much better. For example, the clever […]

  • Review: Covid Rapid Antigen Testing

    I don’t think I ever gave a mission statement on what I review but my approach has been a lazy one: wait until I bump into things of pop-cultural significance and write about them. Today’s exciting collision was with Rapid Antigen Testing. Home testing offers a simpler way of finding out whether you have Covid […]