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I asked the Twitter hivemind for superheroe/villain examples of people wearing glasses while in character rather than incognito. There are some good examples (Doc Oc, Blade, Oracle) but overall I still think specs are more often used as a sign of being unpowered or in disguise as somebody unpowered or (Hank McCoy, She Hulk) busy doing some non-action activity (Oracle fits there also).

Anyway, as an antidote, here are some superhero glasses that give the wearer high-tech powers of blasting things with laser and hacking devices. Also (unlike my glasses) they don’t slip down your nose.

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  1. Doctor Hugo Strange (the supervillian) wears glasses, so does Doctor Thaddeus Bodog Sivana


  2. I find the spring hinges effective against nose slippage, but they do leave semi-permanent indents on the side of your head.

    I would therefore be very interested in your strong nuclear force technology. My only concern would be, how would I be able to remove them with my non super powered muscles?


    1. The AI responds to your commands. “Release Specs!” you shout in your superhero voice and the glasses come off and you can once again blend in as a mild mannered person who doesn’t where glasses.


  3. The Twelfth Doctor used sonic sunglasses for a while instead of a screwdriver. (They also did echolocation for him while he was blind.) Didn’t last of course, these things never do.

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  4. Maybe the lenses should have more vision-based powers? Like, adjustable focus for telescopic and microscopic vision? Infra-red or other low-light? Maybe X-Ray, if that’s in the budget?

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      1. “These glasses keep telling me the person I’m talking to is Clark Kent *and* Superman. They’re obviously defective.”

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  5. I assume Twitter already suggested Cyclops and you just declined to mention him here because he’s not very interesting.


    1. I mentioned Cyclops as a non-example. In his costume he wears a visor/google thing rather than spectacles. Not in uniform he wears red shades that serve the same purpose but that makes him like Clark Kent etc – specs are when he isn’t a super


  6. Are they cheaper without the nuclear force? My optical insurance has limits.

    I’m presuming they’re like cars (or indeed glasses*) where you can get a stripped down model or choose your add-on package.

    *by the time I get the bifocals, the extra lightweight lenses, and the two coatings I want… eep.


    1. @LT —

      Heh. My glasses have routinely cost about $400-$500 per pair through the years, in large part because I have a tricky prescription. But a couple of years ago I discovered, and I’ll never go back. If you watch them for discounts — they routinely do a 70% off lenses special — you can get great deals. I ended up paying $450 for THREE pairs of glasses instead of one, and that included a pair of bifocals. I’ll be ordering new ones from them sometime this year.

      No, I don’t work for them, don’t earn a commission, etc. and so forth.

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