Grey Christmas Morning Over Sydney

Merry Christmas πŸŽ…πŸŽ„πŸŽ‰. Very quiet out this morning — unsurprisingly but the highways are usually busy on Christmas morning with people travelling to family gatherings. So quieter than usual.

On the positive side, the sky isn’t a looming orange haze.

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  1. Merry Christmas to all! Tonight we are scheduled to have our coldest night of the year so far (around 16-18 F), with maybe a dusting of snow. So we are getting bundled up all snug and cozy in anticipation!

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  2. Happy whatever holidays to all.

    Orange skies are bad news, as well as looking so creepy. Glad it isn’t ruining everyone’s Christmas further.

    We also are going for one month of HBO Max to see WW and a couple of other things between Xmas and NY.

    Tomorrow we will have a small, semi-socially-distanced dinner and gift exchange with the other half of our bubble (The Tricerataco is one of the gifts). The other night it turned out the best place to see the conjunction from was their driveway, so we all stood 6′ apart with masks on and looked at it. Their credentials will insist upon treats and petting, so no different from home save in the fur colors. Hopefully the rain will hold off till later — though we’ll take it any time.

    New Year’s Eve will be just us with snacks and bubbly at home with the credentials.

    Tonight we shall watch the Yule Log while wrapping gifts, of course. Our local version is a little better than the original, so that’s the one we choose. Boxing Day will be leftovers and cookies and I’m certain everyone is getting a good book, or two so there will be plenty of nesting — even more so than usual this year.

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    • Ack. I can’t find a Yule Log on any of the many TV channels I have. Looks like we’ll be streaming. Although I might give a look to Unikitty’s Yule Log.

      MTV is currently playing Christmas songs, both secular and honest-to-God things you hear in church. “MTV” and “Celine Dion singing O Holy Night” aren’t things that usually go together.

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      • Now they’ve moved on to the Ramones, which is much more like, and also the Bing Crosby/David Bowie duet. I remember my brother and I being completely gobsmacked at that on the original showing. We… did not explain Ziggy Stardust et al to our parents.

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      • Back in the early 80s, when that station my relatives in New Jersey got used to show the yule log for hours, I used to try in vain to get one of them to put a tape in the VCR and just fill it up with the log for me. Then it went away, and I’ll bet they’d have liked a tape then. Ha. Anyway, in 2005 I downloaded WGN’s online clip of their yule log, and put it on my iPod, and now, many devices later, it’s on my phone.

        My present this year was a huge memory card for my phone, and I’ve put all the audio from my music player on there now, so I’m now the tech lord I dreamt of being in second grade, when the only option for portable music (apart from the randomness of radio) was a phonograph.


  3. A beautiful sunny day here. Turkey in the oven, and waiting for our guests. Wham on the stereo, because that’s Christmas music right? Merry Christmas all.

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  4. Christmas Eve is just ending here. Veggie Christmas Pies have been cooked and sprouts have been peeled ready for tomorrow.

    A Christmas Carol (Muppet version obviously) and It’s a Wonderful Life have been watched and it’s time for bed.

    Outdoor brunch with grown-up children and little grand kids in the morning on our coldest day of the year so far.

    Merry Christmas everyone!

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  5. Happy Christmas Camestros!

    (Having a quiet day here: brunch stretching into the afternoon with spouse’s family, which included a boardgame. Clank! is a fun game.)

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  6. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to everybody who celebrates.

    Here in Germany, Christmas Eve is the main event, so we lit up the tree and unwrapped the presents last night. It’s just me and my parents and since I see them every day anyway, there’s no need for any precautions beyond the usual.

    We had herring salad according to my grandmother’s recipe and I made shrimp creole for lunch and a Dundee cake to enjoy over the holidays. Christmas Day lunch is grilled venison with apple cranberry sauce (because it’s the nicest day and we need the grill, which is outside) and Boxing Day lunch is sailor’s curry with add-ons. Both are family traditions.

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  7. Happy Holidays to everyone. I’m not near family and I didn’t travel for Christmas, but I enjoyed a Christmas Eve Zoom with friends. I hope everyone is finding something to enjoy this holiday season.


  8. To add to the annals of “Can 2020 Just END already!” —

    Early this morning someone has apparently set off a car bomb in downtown Nashville. So far, it is just known that an RV parked on the street has exploded, and that it appears to have been an “intentional act”. The vehicle had already been pegged as suspicious, and a police team had been on their way to investigate at the time it exploded.

    A few people have been hospitalized, and there is some noticeable damage to buildings nearby, but no life-threatening injuries or deaths have been reported so far.

    What **is** it with this year??


  9. Merry Christmas to everyone! I celebrated Christmas eve (which is the main event here) with the girlfriend and her family, which was very nice. And Santa came with presents – but unfortunately that happened while I was out, so I didn’t get to meet him.

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    • The Ghost of Steve Jobs brought my new laptop early (supposed to be end of December) a couple of days before Christmas.

      However, St Chuck of Tingle also gifted me the “Complete Guide to the Void” chap book

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  10. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year !! Thanks to CF for being reliably bright spot in a rough year and all of you too. May each and every one of you enjoy good health, good stories and good fortune in 2021.

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