Some Hugo Video Game Contenders

In what has become a seasonal tradition the ever useful Lady Business Hugo Sheet of Doom is up and running for 2021 nominations

For anybody interested there are already 40 crowd-sourced suggestions for Best Video Game. I have played two of them: Animal Crossing: New Horizon and (currently playing badly even for a game were you are supposed to keep dying) Hades. If I count games I’ve played earlier versions of or games in the same series then I count nine.

This is as likely a sample of the range of things people might nominate as we might find. There are some big name game companies (Nintendo, Ubisoft), some unconventional choices (a Google doodle Halloween game ) and some more independent games. Scanning over it, feels like a clash between Best Dramatic Presentation Long Form (full of big corporate properties) and Best Short Story (interesting things from creative people with a specific vision).

Even with the vast field boiled down to 40 (currently) crowd sourced suggestions, I’m still not sure how to engage with this.


2 responses to “Some Hugo Video Game Contenders”

  1. Will be interesting to see How the need for a VR set will affect Half Life:Alyx chances of winning.
    Most of the contenders are easy to play with normal hardware. Without this caveat Alyx would be the fron runner (big studio, beloved franchise AFAIK good story, great gameplay), but a game more easily accessible (Like Hades) has better chances I guess.


    • Yes, access to a game may run counter to other factors (eg expensive marketing). I doubt the google magic underwater cat drawing game will get many votes but anybody can play it and that’s an advantage.


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