A map for modern times

People ask me how I find my way around the confusing and hateful sections of the internet. Naturally I have a map.

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15 responses to “A map for modern times”

      • No, what I meant is that there should map another map of similar far left concept and idiocies. You can argue – with some justification – that it would not be as toxic as far right, but there are plenty of idiocy to make fun of. Kind of Woke Island vs. Continent of Hate thing.
        Just to clarify – I am not arguing against the far right map, it is both funny and on the spot, but I’d like to see a similar map of far left. They are both cloud-cuckoolands.


  1. Can’t help but feel that Mount Hate should be closer to the two/three bays. Maybe almost between them? You could argue that the island slopes up from the confused side to the horrible side, if you want to justify it in geographic terms.

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  2. This reminds me that I have a map I need to update and revise. I’d say what it is, but then everybody here would shout out better ideas and I’d either have to steal them or stubbornly stick with my inferior ones, and I just couldn’t put you all through that.

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