Susan’s Salon: 2020 November 22/23

The turkey is made from tofu

Well, that was another week, wasn’t it?

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30 thoughts on “Susan’s Salon: 2020 November 22/23

  1. Well I went to the dentist last week for teeth pain. I was pleasantly surprised it was just sinus pain stretching downward — I knew it was a possibility, but every time I’ve said “sinus” in the past I’ve been wrong.

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  2. Our heating system is out. The guy has been out to try to fix in three times, and had no luck. It’s Arkansas, so we’re not going to DIE, but the low tonight is 34, so


  3. I’ve been listening to Fr Chad Ripperger, who has confirmed that there were in fact demons involved in the 2020 election. Not only that, the demons in question previously hassled Trump’s historical counterpart: Joan of Arc!

    Relevant section is about 19 minures in. It’s quite remarkable…

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    1. “Fr. Chad Ripperger” cannot be his real name. (googles). Wow. Nomen est omen. And Poe’s Law works both directions.

      Wonder how he ever survived going to college in San Francisco. Probably enjoyed having all those sinners to rant about and feel superior to.

      He’s certainly not in line with the ideas of how to treat people (politically) of Pope Francisco.

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    2. Having grown up in St Joan of Arc parish in Omaha, I can confidently state that St Joan wasn’t harassed by demons, she was harassed by the English.

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  4. Snowy day here in Michigan and I’m cozied up reading stories. I have a couple novelettes which I really enjoyed to share this week.

    “An Important Failure” by Rebecca Campbell, Clarkesworld 167 (Aug 2020): In a somewhat bleak future with vanishing resources and fading knowledge for it, a man makes his life work creating a violin in the manner of the Italian masters.

    “Exile’s End” by Carolyn Ives Gilman, (12 Aug 2020): This one finds a really fascinating way to examine artifact repatriation and cultural appropriation. Really makes you think about both sides of the situation.


  5. I ended up having a very nice day at my SIL’s place on Friday. I got hardly any sleep Thursday night and had to get up Godawful early to drive to Nashville in time for her Godawful early appt, but the weather was absolutely perfect — sunny, high 60s — and she ended up feeling well enough by afternoon that we picnicked on her porch with really good Indian takeout (socially distanced!), and she went in and out to check up on me and chat while I was planting. I got four big pots (one whiskey barrel, three somewhat smaller) planted full of spring bulbs for her (daffodils, tulips, crocus, and grape hyacinths), and gave her a potted amaryllis as well, plus a pound of handmade (not by me) bourbon pecan fudge — it was her birthday on Wednesday (and the pots are also a Christmas present for her). And she gave me a bunch of food to take home plus some cute odds and ends, and paid for all the takeout — it was my birthday on Friday. Oh, and we played like teenage girls and cut each others hair — sitting outside — as well. 😉

    Good food, good fellowship, good weather!


  6. Almost halfway through Phoenix Extravagant! As expected of Yoon Ha Lee it’s very, very good. I love that it’s drawing on Korean and Japanese culture and history for its characters and setting.

    also more than halfway through Age of Calamity! It’s very fun smashing my way through hordes of Zelda enemies *as* Zelda (and Impah and Mipha and Revali and ok sure I’ll use Link occasionally since he’s basically me and also the main hero of the game.


  7. Last week featured the lockdown hokie-kokie (we’re all shut in, we’re all let out, you all put on your masks and twirl about), and two episodes of thunderstorm allergies. This week I am looking forward (in the sense that they haven’t happened yet) to several meetings on European time.

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    1. It’s so rude of Soros or Gates or whoever is this week’s paranoid fixation not to send The Left all the popcorn.

      Mr. LT has MET Gates a couple times and we haven’t gotten a dime! Or a Covid vaccine. Or even a microchip. No fair.

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