Month: Oct 2020

  • Timothy Explains The Electoral College

    Good evening students. It is I Professor Timothy the Talking Cat of Bortsworth Polytechnic’s Faculty of Politics and Squirrel Hunting (open Wednesdays and Thursdays 12 pm to 3 pm except public holidays and when it is raining). Many people ask me “I didn’t think the UK had polytechnics any more?” but what they should be […]

  • Star Trek Discovery: People of Earth (S3E3)

    [Some spoilers about a character] As Discovery matured it got into a rhythm of its own kind of wacky space-opera versus (or complimentary with) more The Next Generation style episodes. I’m sure there are examples of each from various directors but the first category I associate with Olatunde Osunsanmi and who better to represent the […]

  • Missing Moments in Movie History: The Wizard of Oz

    The role of cowardly lion was already taken.

  • Some buildings that look like Daleks

    Apparently the US right wing media is trying to stir up irrational fear of New Zealand as a way of inspiring people to vote for Donald Trump — I guess on the grounds that he is very much the antithesis of Jacinda Ardern (who is articulate, popular and competent). The prospect of Trump supporters actively […]

  • Straw Puppy’s POTUS Polls: OCT27-28

    Every Wednesday morning (Au/NZ)/Tuesday evening (other places), Straw Puppy presents a post for people to provide their startling insights, general commentary and pleas of ‘please let this horror show be over soon’ about the United States Presidential Election. Also, you don’t HAVE to talk about the election. There are no rules here only the arbitrary […]

  • Review: Piranesi by Susanna Clarke (substantial spoilers)

    This was a charming, thoughtful, often whimsical story full of a deep horror that at times wholly unnerved me. I’ll be discussing many key plot points and revelations.

  • Susan’s Salon: 2020 October 25/26

    Oooh spooky Please use the comment section to just chat about whatever you want. Susan’s Salon is posted early Monday (Sydney time which is still Sunday in most countries) . It’s fine to be sad, worried, angry or happy (or all of those things at once). Please feel free to post what you like (either […]

  • I watched Fast & Furious Presents Hobbs & Shaw

    And so closes my adventure, although I shall endeavour a post later summarising my experience. To close this sequence of movies that are nominally about the illegal street racing culture of young urban Americans, let me say three words: Bionic Idris Elba. Words that you can utter in dark times, like a hobbit shouting at […]

  • Star Trek Discovery: Far From Home (S3E2)

    Another solid and visually gorgeous episode jumps past last week’s episode to see the fate of the rest of crew of the Discovery and the ship itself. Plummeting out of the time-travel wormhole, Discovery is out of control and heading directly towards a weird semi-exploded planet. Thanks to the skilful efforts of Keyla Detmer, they […]

  • Currently Reading: Piranesi by Susanna Clarke

    Oh this book is very much full of the kind of stuff I like. Stuck in a huge labyrinth like house full of statues and with floors in intermittently flooded by the ocean, the narrator believes they are exploring the known universe. The reader can tell they are probably somebody trapped in a magical place […]

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