Ilium Now Drinking

I’ve made a story title scrambler using my big list of Hugo titles.

To get a new name you have to refresh the page (I think, I can’t find a recalculate formula shortcut on Google Sheets).

Some highlights so far (some punctuation and articles added):

  • Different Storms Alliance
  • And Time Buyer Found
  • The Quiet “A
  • Buffalo Age
  • Eight for Honor
  • Shadow Sharing a Shouted Cerberus Book
  • The Deepness Love
  • The Point Overdrive Down
  • The Memory Scattered Wolf
  • The Wings Suit
  • The Empress, The Touched
  • The Mars Lady
  • Computer Dog China Revolution
  • Glasshouse Quiet
  • Alastair Lady Emporium
  • The MacDonald and Behind Time
  • The Dragon Lady Zanzibar
  • The Loose Coeur Falls

45 thoughts on “Ilium Now Drinking

  1. I got:
    “The Theft Problem”
    “Gideon Claw and Plague at” (that keeps returning as I refresh)

    I quite like this little piece of Spreadsheet magic.

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  2. “Do Copenhagen the” – okay, that’s obviously the newest book by Hugo finalist Stix Hiscock
    “2312 to Fire – Love Awhile” – a touching romance during the singularity
    “Opera Is Suit, Will” – an episode of “Lost in Space” set inside the helmet of an abandoned spacesuit, which is used as an opera house by miniature aliens
    “The Just Live?” – a hardhitting work of social justice SFF that will make puppies cry.
    “The Robber, the Love” – a torid romance about a highwaqyman in the deep dark woods
    “Get Undiscovered” – William Gibson and Cory Doctorow team up for a novel about the quest to be forgotten on the internet
    “This Light Endymion Alchemist” – a literary steampunk novel
    “The Territory of” – the cover was half torn off, so we don’t know the full title
    “The Edge Thousand Mars” – a newly discovered Heinlein novel from the 1940s/50s
    “Biographical Symmetry Train” – the latest story by Ted Chiang
    “Redshirts Gambit Reprisal” – by now, John Scalzi’s attempts to fulfill that multi book Tor contract are getting a little ridiculous like the 27th sequel of Redshirts
    “The Miles of” – Baen’s patented editing skills strike Lois McMaster Bujold’s latest Vorkosigan novel
    “The Tale Left” – the back half of a fairytale retelling
    “Sail Boy Semi-Precious” – a sweet gay romance set on a water world
    “The Many-Colored” – more social justice SFF that will make puppies cry
    “Home This Absent Purple” – a lost Lovecraft manuscript from the 1930s
    “The Pi” – a hardboiled detective novel with math
    “Rory Dam Emperor” – a YA novel about a boy named Rory Dam who becomes emperor
    “Tower Princess, Lost Night” – a sexy Rapunzel retelling
    “The Woman of Heaven” – the latest superversive SFF novel

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    1. //“This Light Endymion Alchemist” – a literary steampunk novel//

      London 1818: At the public house known as the Alembic & the Iambic young poets dally with the transmutation of the elements by means of poetic metric structures. John Keats is making gold to fuel Lord Byron’s gambling habits but little does he know that he will soon be embroiled in a plan to manipulate the young Victor Hugo in raising Napoleon from the dead!

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      1. But in the sequel Ada Lovelace creates A cybernetic version of Roger Bacon’s oracular brass head using the death mask of John Keats. The brass Keats transforms himself back to flesh using a forbidden ode style and then lays waste to Rome

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  3. It went police procedural on me and gave me “All Met Officers”.

    (As you know, Professor, the London Metropolitan Police Force is colloquially known as “The Met”, and its members are “Met Officers”. I tell you these facts as though you know nothing of them, in order to refresh your memory and to clue in readers who aren’t familiar with this bit of slang.)

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  4. Another selection:

    The Dog Called

    Nightfall Hammer Star Revolution

    A Wind’s Morning, Sand

    Beauty Habits

    Beneath Silent Koboldtown

    The poetic and enigmatic A Wind’s Morning, Sand is My favourite here

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      1. Whaddya mean “lost”? I’m reasonably certain my Soviet penpal of the 80s sent me a badly-translated copy of that.

        (not really — he sent lovely editions of classic works and I sent him all the random SF I could find particularly newer novels)

        (but no Baen b/c it was still the Cold War FFS)

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  5. Four Deepness (repeatedly! about half the time)
    Glory Lifecycle Were Emerald
    Cat Gravity Helen — the story of a Filer who can’t reach Mt. Tsundoku as she’s pinned down by a credential.
    Troika House Selects — a small press anthology
    Alien Sword Face — by a grouchy canine.
    Child Man — about a grouchy canine and the (p)resident he loves
    Alamagoosa Discover — a fan finds an old Hugo winner and wonders WTF. Alternately a small town in New Mexico which only takes Visa and Mastercard.
    Call Yards By God End — what to do during Ragnarok
    The And

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  6. The Price in Universe — a Golden Age romp
    The Price in Universe — a modern examination of the soul with the same title as the Golden Age winner.
    A the Found — either a Golden Age romp or a modern examination of the soul
    The Have Time Software — a labor-saving app goes awry
    Catch! — a futuristic baseball story

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  7. The Minds –pretty generic title, could be SF or F or H
    Blued Moon Engines A — the sequel to Willis’ wacky romp, but on a mobile object instead of a space station

    and The Minds about 10 more times so I quit.

    Maybe it’s a theme anthology of stories all titled that by different authors who wrote with nothing but the title. That might be interesting.

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      1. “Ancillary Stripper Zeppelin!” is definitely the best title yet.

        It’s the story of a Steampunk Las Vegas in the sky aboard a fleet of zeppelins to avoid local regulations and enjoy the freedom of the air. The title refers to the zeppelin which carries the ancillary strippers, the ones who aren’t quite perfect and pretty enough to be the main attraction. And now I actually want to write that story.

        The exclamation mark is included, because it’s apparently taken from “Catch That Zeppelin!” by Fritz Leiber, winner of the 1976 Hugo for Best Short Story. The other components are obviously Ancillary Justice/Sword/Mercy and the unforgettable 2017 Hugo finalist Alien Stripper Boned From Behind By The T-Rex, by Stix Hiscock

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    1. “Ancillary Stripper Zeppelin!” is definitely the best.

      The whales and other high rollers get the main zeppelin and strippers. The punters get the ancillary zeppelin. But they end up being the heroic ones.

      The graphic novel of this has some very *interesting* costumes, and people enter masquerades as steampunk strippers. Phil Foglio loves it.

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  8. Hothouse Gallery of… — it’s an anthology, where authors pick what the gallery contains. Neil Gaiman wins another Hugo for his story.

    Frameshift Wheel Guide Sweet Asadi — about the perils of badly-translated instruction manuals.

    The Cost — could be anything

    The Humanity Blue The — I don’t know.

    Obits Odyssey Time — Greek myths and death write-ups

    Humans With Tyrannosaur — this is a REALLY GOOD title which could fit a lot of different stories. (There’s running and screaming)

    Downbelow White — set on an ice planet where people live underground. Unless it’s a lost Heinlein story about some wanderer of that name and his adventures across space

    Record Cinder Interpretation — don’t know which way the first word is pronounced; that makes a difference in what the story’s about

    In Star Land and the — beats me

    Echea of Owl Cat — that’s the heroine’s name. Illustrated with a “meowl”. Beloved by Filers.

    Bones Mountain For Plucked — Wombat writes this. About one of her witches of a certain age.

    Foundation’s of Plucked Sky — everyone complains about the apostrophe.

    The In Our to — ??

    Little Butcher — Cory Doctorow’s much less successful sequel

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  9. 26 Ya, On Two — futuristic football; title is an audible that the quarterback calls.

    One Boys’ High — YA novel about a boys’ school for aspiring wizards/superheroes/villains/shifters/whatever

    Ponies World Thing — title is from a news headline about Bronies who are the main characters. With an apostrophe, it’s also the title of a fanfic where The Thing starts taking over in My Little Pony world. (This probably already exists)

    The Dog Me — another uplifted animal story

    Unicorn Old Sauropods — kind of a Jurassic Park riff, with added re-creations of mythical animals

    I still want to read the anthologies of “The Minds”, “Hothouse Gallery Of…” and “Humans With Tyrannosaur”.

    Also I want to consume all forms of media that “Ancillary Stripper Zeppelin!” appears in.

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