Missing Moments from Movie History

Timothy only lasted an hour on the set after his fear of all things Scottish led to him fighting with Sean Connery.

“I think the train driver did it with the help of Albert Einstein”

ETA the picture I was trying to put in a comment.

10 thoughts on “Missing Moments from Movie History

  1. It’s not often you see Inspector Poirot looking so like his reciprocal character from the Pink Panther series.

    Nor will I ever again need to wonder what Peter Ustinov might look like with a giant Skittle jammed over his head.

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  2. I’m still waiting for a comment from Timothy about this music video:

    BTW, been meaning to comment on how your current subtitle is eerily perfect.

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      1. Robbing banks! Traveling Europe! Swatting flying saucers! Riding chickens?

        I thought it was cleverly done considering pandemic rules.

        A lot of new videos on MTV are being done simply, or with animation and green screen, and there’s some real creativity coming out of the constraints and inability to do the same old same old.


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