Which Hugo story finalists don’t have a Wikipedia page

My capacity to generate (rather than just make-up) trivia increases every week. Today I get to tell you which Hugo Finalists in Novel, Novella, Novelette and Short Story do not currently have a Wikipedia page.

FinalistFirst Year a Finalist
Anton Lee Baker1959
J. F. Bone1959
Rick Raphael1964
Hayden Howard1967
William Walling1975
Jeff Duntemann1981
Eric Vinicoff1985
W. R. Thompson1991
Nicholas A. DiChario1993
Bridget McKenna1994
Jan Jensen2000
Shane Tourtellotte2002
Pat Forde2003
Christopher Rowe2005
Gray Rinehart2015
Kary English2015
Rajnar Vajra2015
Steve Rzasa2015
Steven Diamond2015
Charles W. Shao2016
Cheah Kai Wai2016
Daniel Polansky2016
David VanDyke2016
Juan Tabo2016
S. Harris2016
S. R. Algernon2016
Stix Hiscock2017
K. M. Szpara2018
Simone Heller2019
Nibedita Sen2020
Siobhan Carroll2020
Hugo Story Finalists who do not have a Wikipedia Page

Of the 31 authors, ~42% are from the period 2015 to 2017. It’s like something happened during that time but it is to hard to infer what it was from the statistics[1].

[1] I’m joking

17 thoughts on “Which Hugo story finalists don’t have a Wikipedia page

  1. Several of these names I recognize and likely read the nomined stories of (Raphael, Dunteman, Tournelle, Rowe for sure). I’m not sure of others. I could (and probably will) check the Hugo listings tomorrow to find out the details for these authors but it would be a helpful addition to list the earliest nomination for each.


      1. I meant “to list the name of the story that was the earliest nomination for each”

        Baker: “They’ve Been Working On …”
        Bone: “Triggerman”
        Raphael: “Code Three”
        Howard: “The Eskimo Invasion”
        Walling: “Nix Olympica”
        Dunteman: “Guardian”
        Vinicoff: “The Weigher” (written with Marcia Martin who also doesn’t have a Wiki page, I think)
        Thompson: “VRM-547”

        More later.


      1. Rick Raphael has a German and a Hungarian Wikipedia page, but no English one, which is highly unusual: https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rick_Raphael I knew he had to have a Wikipedia page, because I looked him up for Galactic Journey recently, since he was a 1965 Hugo finalist.

        Simone Heller doesn’t have a page at the German Wikipedia either. I’m also surprised that K.M. Szpara doesn’t have a page. Nibedita Sen is probably still too new.

        I’m also surprised that Jeff Duntemann has no page, since he has been writing since the 1970s


      2. Cora Buhlert: I’m also surprised that Jeff Duntemann has no page, since he has been writing since the 1970s

        Meh, major Puppy, he can enjoy his obscurity with the rest of them. 🙄

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      3. Also, I’ve been reading a lot of obscure authors from the 1940s for my Retro Reviews project recently and there are many, mostly women, some of them prolific, who don’t have a Wikipedia page at all. In some cases, hardly anything is known about the author beyond their name.


      4. Yes, Duntemann is a puppy, but he’s one of the more notable authors among the puppies and unlike the rest of them, he actually came by his Hugo nomination honestly.


      5. Time for a Retro-Hugo Initiative of writing profiles for women authors? Could be launched with help of a Worldcon, with a compilation of authors with missing names and a spreadsheet for people currently working on a page and their draft pages. Then you could help with adding references to their talk page.

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      6. The Greek wrestler from Nebraska who also wrote “totally authentic Arabian folktales” for Unknown was certainly an interesting find and certainly deserves a Wikipedia page.

        But with many golden age writers, the problem is that almost nothing is known about them except for the titles of their stories. Occasionally, you find stories in other genres or you find their names on genealogy and obituary websites. Not a lot which is useful as a Wikipedia reference.


      7. Trying to find information about the people who wrote letters to golden age pulp magazines is even more difficult. Though I did find out that the writer of a much quoted letter to Weird Tales, wherein he complained about Jirel of Joiry and all those boring women in the magazine and declares his undying love for Conan and Northwest Smith, was all of 14 years old, when I wrote that letter, which puts his words into perspective.


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