Who “won” the Puppy attention wars?

A good point people raised about yesterdays post on Wikipedia page view metrics is that it captures a current state but in many cases we are more interested in a historical value. This is particularly true when we are looking at the impact of awards or events.

Luckily I don’t need to advance my web scrapping tools further to answer this as Wikipedia actually has a tool for looking at and graphing this kind of data. Like most people I’ve used Wikipedia for many years now but I only learned about this yesterday while looking for extra data (or maybe I learned earlier and forgot — seems likely). The site is https://pageviews.toolforge.org and each of the page information pages has a link to it at the bottom under ‘external tools’.

It’s not really suitable for a data set of hundreds of pages but it is quite nice for comparing a small number of pages.

Just to see how it works and to play with settings until I got a visually interesting graph, I decided to see if I could see the impact of the Hugo Awards on four relevant pages. Now the data it will graph only goes back to 2015, so this takes the impact of SP3 as a starting point. I’ve chosen to look at John Scalzi, N.K. Jemisin, Chuck Tingle, Vox Day and Larry Correia.


I added a background colour and labels. The data shows monthly totals and because of the size of some spikes, it is plotted on a logarithmic scale. Be mindful that the points are vertically further apart in terms of actual magnitude than is shown visually.

I think the impact of N.K. Jemisin’s second and third Best Novel wins is undeniable. There is a smaller spike for the first win but each subsequent win leads to more interest. I don’t know why Chuck Tingle had a big spike in interest in January 2017.

I’ve added a little red arrow around July 2019. That was when there was a big flurry among some Baen authors that Wikipedia was deleting their articles https://camestrosfelapton.wordpress.com/2019/07/29/just-a-tiny-bit-more-on-wikipedia/

Anyway, to answer my own question: talent beat tantrums in the battle for attention

13 thoughts on “Who “won” the Puppy attention wars?

    1. Also, I just remembered that bizarre photo op with the Saudis and the orb. I feel sure the orb is mixed up in this cursed timeline somehow.

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  1. Jemisin made people sit up and take notice and Tingle made people laugh.

    Suggests both are more popular than insulting and annoying us.

    I’m not good with logarithms and never have been so I’d like to see a non-log scale. It might not fit on the page but you could link it elsewhere or just run Jemisin completely off the top? Like Alaska and Hawaii have to be in boxes down in the corner of US maps.


  2. I’m a little surprised that Beale’s relentless alt-right grifting hasn’t actually done much to increase his profile.


      1. People are maybe bored of his tired old schtick?

        Plus there are always new and exciting grifts/conspiracies coming along. Particularly in an election year full of plague.

        Anyway he’s still living high on the hog as a remittance man of Daddy’s ill-gotten gains.

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    1. Beale doesn’t seem to be able to get much of a foothold in any area. He made some inroads writing for some right-wing media and in GamerGate, but didn’t get as far as others. He took over the Sad Puppies campaign and got attention for that, plus a boost for his publishing house, but since the alt right really doesn’t care about written fiction and the bad press caused fracturing among the Puppies, that petered out. He tried to take over Comicsgate and got emeshed in inter-factional conflict there. The culture wars campaigns in the arts themselves are waning off, though there is still little pockets of outrage like for Star Wars, but he doesn’t seem to have climbed to great heights as a YouTube channel holder, etc. His not being able to visit the U.S. for quite some time definitely limited some options. And the sort of comments he used to make that gave him modest notoriety in the past are tame by the standards of white supremacist sexist theocrats today.


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