Some Dragon Award Numbers

Officially fewer people voted but the exact number is unclear.

“More than 8,000 fans cast ballots for Dragon Award winners, selected from among 93 properties in 15 categories covering the full range of fiction, comics, television, movies, video gaming, and tabletop gaming.”

Last year’s press release used the same wording but said “10,000”

Some decent winners this year but the gender balance is still way off. This table shows the number of authors who weren’t men in all the story categories (novels and comics).

YearFinalistWinnerWithdrawnGrand TotalPercent
Grand Total811229525.47%

The major change is in the two headline categories of Best SF and Best Fantasy were Erin Morgenstern is the first woman to win a Dragon Award in these categories.

14 thoughts on “Some Dragon Award Numbers

      1. There’s a concentration in YA/Middle Grade where there are a lot of woman big names and then scattered ones here and there. No SF or Military SFF women winners, of course, and only one woman winner for Fantasy this year, after Larry C. getting to dominate for most years. That’s a major break.

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      1. I think they will start the narrative of Leftist Slates, which are the same thing theyve done, so the left are all hypocrites for doing it after complaining about it when the Puppies have done them. And also when the Left is doing it, its wrong and probably ilegal and not comparable to Puppy slates as well. And Puppy slates never existed.

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      2. @Laura: Doesn’t speak well of the attention span of Puppies if that’s true. I mean it’s not like many (or any?) of them go to DragonCon when it’s IRL and so they’ve been voting for it online ever since they started it.

        Did they all refuse to wear masks because FREEE-DUUUUMB and got a subclinical case of Covid leading them to forget?

        Or did they just get tired of Declan cursing at them about it* and avoid it due to the association with him?

        Or did they all actually vote and there just weren’t enough right-wingers who did, leaving the field to regular people who vote for popular things like “Star Wars” and Scalzi?

        * Larry and Brad are Mormons and they don’t hold with that kind of potty-mouth talk. Nor do many other right-wing types, like Pence. I’m not religious and have been known to use a “colorful metaphor” in my time, but I think Declan used more profanity in his Dragon Twitter rant than I did immediately after our car was totaled and we’d had the seatbelts lock up and airbags in our faces.

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    1. Everything nominated is an intellectual property belonging to someone and/or some company.

      But “nominees” would have been more specific and less-awkward.

      I guess awkward is just baked in to these.


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