Cartographer Catch-Up

The serial mega-novella Homunculus Cartographer continues on twice a week over here:

Every two weeks or so I’ll run a catch up post here with a little plot summary and links. Previous catch up:

The story so far

Cartographer Homunculus is an artificial being created by alchemist bears to gather data for maps. Carto’s mission is to journey across the bowl shaped world called the Unfolded Hades to discover crucial data needed to make a map of the paths between worlds. Carto is accompanied by a bodyguard, Sir Pangolin (a pangolin).

Their journey has taken them to a human dominated part of their world called the Electorates. A civil war has been declared. Carto and Sir Pangolin find themselves having to board a ship sailing across the Alkaline Sea – the semi-solid inland sea surrounded by the Electorates. Carto is convinced the ship contains some powerful objects of alchemy. However, their voyage leads to intrigue, murder and a pirate ambush!

After a shocking betrayal, Carto is forced to follow the paths-between-worlds in a desperate bid to save the mind of Sir Pangolin. Their journey is leading them to a fabulous city were a mighty empire once attempted to control time itself….

We’ve still got a police shoot-out, a trip to hell and, of course, a climatic fantasy final battle of good versus evil to go!

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