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A part 2 has appeared for the Dragon Award’s “Blast From the Past” series ( ).

The Dragon’s are highly unlikely to win their usual championship for Most Shambolic Major SFF Award Ceremony this year and as DragonCon is virtual this year, it may even be a streamed ceremony. However, the Dragon’s remain a hot contender for the Tralfamadore Award for Most Disconnected From Linear Time Award. For example, you may all be wondering when the Dragon Award Ballots will be released. No fear! That is handily explained on the front page of the website:

“The initial batch of ballots will be released during the first full week of August, 2020, by our ballot provider SurveyMonkey.”

OK, so August started last Saturday, so the first full week in August is this week! Cool! Meanwhile the Blast From Past Part 2 (August 4) post closes with this message:

“Are you excited to expand your reading list even further? The 2020 Dragon Awards voting period is opening next week!”

Which would be the week starting Monday 10 aka the second full week of August. “First”, “second”, these are puny concepts that mighty dragons have transcended.

16 thoughts on “More Dragon Award Content

    1. I don’t know — I doubt the Dragons count as a major award.

      If many finalists don’t even know they’re on the short list and almost none of the members vote on it, plus the votes don’t actually count, can it really be considered a “major” award?

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      1. If they want to skip the years of hard work and consistency of building a brand, they could make it a major award right now by simply making the trophy in the shape of a woman’s leg, wearing a stocking.

        Also, I’m copyrighting this concept. PAY UP, SUCKAS.

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  1. Say what you will about this year’s Hugos, they happened on the date and (more or less) time they were always planned for, even with the pandemic and NZ being in its own time zone a day ahead of half the world. The Nebulas also happened at the original time.

    Meanwhile, the Dragons only have one country with (basically) 4 time zones and all on the same day, and they can’t even get their WEEK figured out.

    But they also think “a blast from the past” refers to things that happened no more than 4 years ago. (eyeroll)

    I guess their grip on time in general is weak.

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    1. Well, they do say Americans in general have a weak grasp of time and Europeans have a weak grasp of distance…

      I don’t think they meant to the extremes of the Dragon admins, though.

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    2. And the Hugo and Nebula finalists get notified BEFORE the announcement; no finding out because people start congratulating you on Twitter as in Turtledove’s case.

      This also saves the embarrassment of lots of Big Names declining publicly as happened to the Dragons before. I was reminded of this by Gaiman’s lovely anecdote about how Pratchett declined a Hugo nomination and we (or at least I) didn’t know he had.

      It’s not like they couldn’t manage even 24 hours’ notice as a heads-up. Or maybe they can’t?

      It’s sort of not-surprising. The Dragons are shambolic about their timekeeping in a good year; in this year where every day is the same, of course they’re even more confused.

      Not having finalists yet 3 weeks out ought to be embarrassing, but the Dragon administrator seems to be lacking in that particular emotion. I guess it doesn’t matter since the votes don’t really count. Jim-Bob Puppy can just eye a list and pick a few names to misspell that day.

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  2. Any other year, they’d probably have a lock on the Tralfamadore Award. But it’s 2020, where linear time has turned into soup and every day is Blursday.

    Of course, the flip side of that is that it’s 2020, we might not even notice if an award qualified.

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