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Just looking at how EPH operates and as fan writer is the most personally interesting (to me and some regular readers!) I thought I’d show an interesting aspect.

As each person is eliminated, the points get redistributed. By looking at the change in points for each surviving nominee, you can calculate the proportion of points that the survivor gets from the eliminated.

For example, when I go out Paul, Cora and James get most of the extra — which makes sense I think given overlap in readers etc.

Alasdair S23%23%17%7%3%10%6%34%0%
Paul W14%0%36%1%16%40%6%1%23%
Bogi T4%15%8%38%0%10%54%26%8%
James DN3%23%2%7%26%0%6%0%23%
Cora B9%0%5%8%6%0%3%1%33%
Adam W23%0%10%14%0%0%0%0%5%
Charles P7%0%9%6%0%10%0%36%8%
Camestros F0%0%2%8%49%0%26%1%
Jason S3%0%1%0%0%30%0%


Elsa S0%0%1%7%0%

O Westin0%0%1%0%

Sarah G7%31%4%

Adri J0%7%

Gavia BW0%

Aidan M


4 responses to “EPH Fan Writer”

  1. We should create an EPH to Battle converter. Creating avatars and assigning power attacks to the nominees and transforming the voting to epic battles. Including random events, explaining misfortunes.

    “Camestros attacks Cora using spurious cat logic for 5 hp of damage. Cora deflects 2 hp of damage with defensive swamp monster.

    Beware! Epic SMOF Boss has appeared! Gives 10 hp of AOE damage by random nostalgic anecdote about room party in 1974.

    Cora is stunned!
    Camestros is stunned!

    Cora recovers and hits Camestros with strudel for 10 hp damage!

    Camestros is defeated!”

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