Month: Aug 2020

  • Susan’s Salon: 2020 August 30/31

    The last open thread for August! Hey! You got through to August! Good for you! Please use the comment section to just chat about whatever you want. Susan’s Salon is posted early Monday (Sydney time which is still Sunday in most countries further west) . It’s fine to be sad, worried, angry or happy (or […]

  • I should have used google sheets a long time ago

    I think I tried Google sheets a couple of years ago and found it annoying for reasons I didn’t document and can no longer remember. Sometimes you just need a sustained project to get the feel of an application and I’ve started to warm to it. It’s certainly vastly better than Apple’s Numbers spreadsheet which […]

  • IGNYTE Shorts: Canst Thou Draw Out the Leviathan by Christopher Caldwell

    John Wood is a carpenter on-board a 19th century whaling ship sailing out from Nantucket. A former slave, John finds love and companionship in the form of fellow sailor William Harker. ‘No light but the moon, but John could walk the length of the Gracie-Ella’s decks eyes closed and barefoot without placing a wrong stop. […]

  • IGNYTE Shorts: Dune Song by Suyi Davies Okungbowa

    The village of Isiuwa is ringed in by a bamboo fence and beyond its borders are endless dunes containing the remnants of past civilisations. Nata is determined to escape from the confinement and control of the Chief and the Elders. “Isiuwa knows the Chief is right because he bears a cross on Isiuwa’s behalf, along […]

  • IGNYTE Shorts Week

    Voting for FIYAH magazine’s IGNYTE awards closes on September 11. That’s just enough time to cover at least one maybe two of the shorter fiction categories. I’m going to start with Short Story. The finalists are: Ten Excerpts from an Annotated Bibliography on the Cannibal Women of Ratnabar Island – Nibedita Sen for Nightmare Magazine […]

  • Timothy and I Watch Patriotic Submarines

    [Garbled but extensive spoilers for “Hunter Killer” 2018] [Scene: the palatial personal movie theatre underneath Felapton Towers (remodelled from the second wine cellar). Timothy the Talking Cat and his amanuensis Camelback Freshwater are sitting down for Movie Night.] Camestros: I feel that after we introduced “Movie Afternoons”, we may have watched too many crappy movies. […]

  • Cartographer Catch-Up

    The serial mega-novella Homunculus Cartographer continues on twice a week over here: We are into the final weeks of the story with just four more chapters to go. The story so far Cartographer Homunculus is an artificial being created by alchemist bears to gather data for maps. Carto’s mission is to journey across the […]

  • Baen, publishing and authors

    There is an interesting piece at Mad Genius Club today by Sarah Hoyt. I haven’t visited there for a long time and the post is by Hoyt, so it inevitably wanders into aggrieved persecution theories. Even so, there are parts of the analysis that make sense. It also touches on an aspect of post-puppy history […]

  • A Big Hugo Finalist List

    I am primarily a machine that turns carbohydrates into spreadsheets. I’m OK with relational databases but they are not my natural territory. I prefer my data in great big lists of everything and if I want lots of little tables then I’ll pivot it. I’d started rationalising some of the throw-away spreadsheets I made for […]

  • Missing Moments in Movie History: Batman (1955)

    Alfred “Pennyworth” Hitchcock’s one foray into the superhero genre was scrapped after the famed directors attempt to film Gary Grant in costume carrying a giant bomb (labelled “bomb”) around the French Rivera in a single long take, proved impossible. Grace Kelly also objected to the acting coach brought in to teach her “feline like movements” […]