Hugo Ceremony Link

The livestream will be available here


  • Wellington NZ: Saturday 1 August 11 am
  • Sydney AU: Saturday 1 August 9 am – nice!
  • Perth AU/Hong Kong/Singapore: Saturday 1 August 7 am
  • Delhi: Saturday 1 August 4:30 am
  • Most of Europe & Africa: Saturday 1 August 1 am
  • UK & other more westerly bits: Midnight Friday 31 July/August 1
  • New York/ East Coast US: Friday 31 July 7 pm.
  • All those other US time zones: etc I lost track
  • Hawaii: Friday 31 July 1 pm.

It’s a neat problem of how to schedule a worldwide event so it hits civilised times. In this case, NZ gets a rare opportunity to pick but Europe & Africa have to have a late night party.

7 thoughts on “Hugo Ceremony Link

    1. Oh no! How long is your drive? I’ve heard they had issues at least initially with the Retros and the Masquerade. Maybe you’ll only miss the glitchy start.


  1. Some were my first choice, some where not, but congrats.
    Congrats to Cora for making 2, place and readers here should have a look at the longlist for fanwriter.

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