Hugo Ceremony Link

The livestream will be available here


  • Wellington NZ: Saturday 1 August 11 am
  • Sydney AU: Saturday 1 August 9 am – nice!
  • Perth AU/Hong Kong/Singapore: Saturday 1 August 7 am
  • Delhi: Saturday 1 August 4:30 am
  • Most of Europe & Africa: Saturday 1 August 1 am
  • UK & other more westerly bits: Midnight Friday 31 July/August 1
  • New York/ East Coast US: Friday 31 July 7 pm.
  • All those other US time zones: etc I lost track
  • Hawaii: Friday 31 July 1 pm.

It’s a neat problem of how to schedule a worldwide event so it hits civilised times. In this case, NZ gets a rare opportunity to pick but Europe & Africa have to have a late night party.

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  1. Some were my first choice, some where not, but congrats.
    Congrats to Cora for making 2, place and readers here should have a look at the longlist for fanwriter.

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