Five days left of Dragon Award nominations

In what may be the most exciting year yet of the Dragon Awards but almost certainly won’t be, the nomination period closes in just five days time. I have singularly failed to track people campaigning for nominations, so I can’t authoritatively claim there’s a lot less of that going on but…that’s my general impression.

So here are my almost data free guesses

  • Assorted Baen books. Maybe Correia/Hoyt’s Monster Hunter Guardian.
  • Baen editor Christopher Ruocchio may also be on the list for books he has published with Random Penguin.
  • I expect our occasional correspondent Richard Fox may make an appearance.
  • Chris Kennedy’s Theogony Books usually has a nominee.
  • Silver Empire Press has picked up a lot of the former Superversive and Castalia House authors and have had at least one nominee before.
  • There is usually a surprise group: some community of writers who have cottoned on to the Dragons for the first time and make an appearance.
  • The rest will either be works nominated elsewhere or published in 2020 by prominent authors.

22 thoughts on “Five days left of Dragon Award nominations

  1. Robert J. Sawyer asked his mailing list to nominate THE OPPENHEIMER ALTERNATIVE for a Dragon Award, so if they actually count votes (which we can’t take for granted) I expect to see it on the ballot.

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    1. OK, well Sawyer can move votes and I think either way the Dragon Inner Circle would see him as an acceptable finalists. Under either hypothesis (they count votes v. they just look for plausible looking nominees) he should turn up. It will be interesting if he doesn’t in that case.

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      1. I tried reading the Oppenheimer Alternative and gave up halfway through. Just couldn’t get past the ‘meh’ factor, even with the onrushing apocalypse, which may be more my fault than anything else. Maybe there’s just too much real life apocalypse right now to care about a fictional version

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      2. I’ve been down on Sawyer ever since I read Hominids. Nice ideas but poor writing. With an utterly gratuitous rape scene thrown in. (One of the characters just randomly gets raped early in the story, but it has zero impact on the plot.)

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      3. Greg Hullender: I’ve been down on Sawyer ever since I read Hominids. Nice ideas but poor writing. With an utterly gratuitous rape scene thrown in. (One of the characters just randomly gets raped early in the story, but it has zero impact on the plot.)

        I think that the intent behind the rape scene might have been to make it plausible that the main character (subsequently being viscerally repelled by, and not attracted to, human men) would be emotionally and sexually attracted to a Neanderthal. But yeah, holy hell, that rape subplot was really awful and unnecessary. And even without that part, the female main character was incredibly badly-written — to the point that I’m pretty sure the library book I was reading did get thrown against the wall at least once.


      4. Yeah the Neanderthal society was rather screwy. It was based on them having been trained culturally and to some extent biologically to have an aversion towards violence while having a diet mostly of meat which comes from animals being violently killed by them. And it used IQ eugenics, which scientists know is largely useless and a cultural reflection rather than an accurate cognitive test. It had the strict binary stuff and some weird views on sexual violence overall in the whole book. But the two dimensions thing and how they got connected was interesting. He’s better at physical sciences aspects than sociological ones.

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  2. It just won’t have that zing without the live awards with their technical difficulties like having presenters with poor eyesight unable to read the teleprompter because it’s too far away and/or the room is too dark or giving the wrong envelope for an award or misspelling fantasy in the Power Point slide above the stage while presenting the Best Fantasy book award.

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    1. They misspelled “fantasy”? Really? That’s a new height of incompetence even by Dragon Award standards.

      Though engraving “Victoria LaValle” on Victor LaValle’s trophy was special, too.


  3. It is actually going to be an unusual year, even if the same administrator who decides which votes count is running it. DragonCon administrators have other things to worry about right now, so they’ve likely not bothered with further pressure on the awards runner to make the Dragons more legitimate and attractive this year. And the Puppies still lobby but they are more fragmented groups now and doesn’t sound like they’ve been making a huge effort.

    So it won’t be the Puppyfest of Year One, but it will be interesting to see which way the awards runner decides to go this year with a different set of factors involved. Lots of lovely data, Cam!

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