It’s Hugo Fan Writer Finalist Week

I was saving this category until closer to voting opening but that’s been delayed so long I almost forgot about my plans.

This week I’m going to do six posts about each of the Hugo 2020 Best Fan Writer Finalist. Each one will entitled along the lines of “Why You Should Vote for [insert name of fan writer] For Best Fan Writer”. I’m not going to rank them because, zoiks, that’s going to be way too hard. I will be picking things out about each and what I like about them.

To kick things off, here are the finalists again as well as some links to where you can find them (not just eligible fan writing), as well as sample posts stolen from The Hugo Sheet of Doom or from Hugo Packet links.

Wow, I’m exhausted just pasting all those links in! That’s a clue to this year’s nominees: firstly I know I’ve missed stuff so this is a fraction of what they do and secondly this is a really hard working set of finalists! As well as general fan writing, they are involved in multiple projects as either organisers or contributors. In addition many are involved in things like writing fiction, photography, poetry, cartography or publishing. This year’s finalists are all people who actively provide the connections between fans that makes fandom a community.

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  1. I don’t tend to vote in this category – I don’t read enough of the SF/F blogs to know what’s out there and god knows how I could actually judge or compare any of the nominees – but I actually recognize a bunch of the nominees this year (including from appearances on this blog!) and they’re all great. So yeah, that’s always nice to see, even if they can’t split the award 6 ways lol.

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  2. I ranked them, but I am not sure I want to share how I ranked them, because it does suck to be last in this.

    I think that in Fan Writer, Fanzine and Fancast voting is much harder than in other catagorys and even more subjective. I can share that No-Award finished last in all of this catagorys in my ballot.

    One the other hand these catagories are ones I want to vote in because it is important to honor the fans. (I doesn’t feal that important in the retro-Hugos to me)

    Semi-Pro is the last catagory that is left from the now, that I haven’t finished but want to (Series and the editor-catagorys were thinks from the start, that I didn’t believe I would try and I am reading and watching for the retros instead, positive suprises at the moment Cliford D. Simiak and the Novelette No Woman Born)

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    • Whenever I’m surprised that I’m putting someone in last place, I remind myself that they are still one of the top 6 nominees. Above 10 others on the longlist and many possible candidates.

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    • No Woman Born, The Children’s Hour and the Clifford D. Simak stories are all very good Retro Hugo finalists. Retro novella and novel are a little weaker this year, though both also have good finalists.

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