Month: Jul 2020

  • Curious…

    Just looking at referrer traffic to the blog and saw this: A warm Felapton Towers welcome to our eight visitors from the Dragon Con website!

  • Hugo Ceremony Link

    The livestream will be available here Times: Wellington NZ: Saturday 1 August 11 am Sydney AU: Saturday 1 August 9 am – nice! Perth AU/Hong Kong/Singapore: Saturday 1 August 7 am Delhi: Saturday 1 August 4:30 am Most of Europe & Africa: Saturday 1 August 1 am UK & other more westerly bits: Midnight […]

  • Some links on postponement

    The possibility of postponing the US presidential elections has been floated by the current Presidential incumbent. This is a classic case of lots of things being true at once: It is primarily a stunt by Trump to control the news cycle and get attention. It is a genuinely scary development and a step on the […]

  • Googles are from Mars, N-grams are from Venus

    Some more graphs on the same topic of Mars versus Venus in popular culture following from my earlier post. ( In the comments to the last post, Andrew suggested “Venerians” is another term that was used for hypothetical beings from Venus. I’ve changed my Venus search term to Venusians+Venerians. Here’s the full span 1800 to […]

  • Martians are more popular than Venusians

    I thought this comment at File 770 was interesting However, I realised that the Google n-gram site would provide a neat empirical confirmation of Mars bias in popular culture. I did a search on Martians and Venusians, choosing the inhabitants rather than the planets to avoid hits about astronomy or the gods. I cut […]

  • Arthur Tudor and alternate history

    Because I’m still currently reading a book set in Tudor times my mind keeps wandering back to Henry VIII older brother Arthur. England narrowly (by seven years) having an actual King Arthur. Yet Arthur Tudor is largely absent from fiction and instead falls into that same under-written space between the battle of Bosworth field and […]

  • Look what just arrived…

    Very glossy!

  • Susan’s Salon: 2020 July 26/27

    The last open thread for July! Please use to just chat about whatever. Susan’s Salon is posted early Monday Sydney time (still Sunday in most places) . It’s OK to be sad, worried, angry or happy (or all of those things at once). Please feel free to post either troubling news or pleasant distractions in […]

  • Pandemics & Politics

    The soup of conspiracy mongering about the covid-19 pandemic has never truly settled on a clear story. Even as the virus began spreading internationally, reactions ranged from claims that China was exaggerating the numbers of people infected to China was hiding the ‘true’ scale of infection. The common theme with conspiratorial thinking is that genuine […]

  • Dragon Award Content!

    Thanks to Laura for pointing out that the blog section of the Dragon Award website has new content! “In this three-part series, past Dragon Award recipients talk about their award-winning novels and their Dragon Awards experience.“ Needless to say, the front page of the website still says “Nominations are open”, so whoever got hold […]

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