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Thank you to everybody who has downloaded a copy of How to Science Fictionally. Blogiversary month has been a lot of fun so far and there will be more occasional posts to come.

The actual blogiversary day is May 29. The week prior will be the second big book launch! Yes! TWO BOOKS! The long awaited version of The Hugosauriad with fewer typos will be launched in ebook versions sometime in the week starting Monday 25 May. I’m very excited – mainly because the whole Hugosauriad idea was so silly but somehow it turned out rather good. Really excited for this and thanks to JJ’s help, it actually had some editing.

You are probably thinking “well that’s MORE than enough” but wait…there’s more! Always keen to innovate here at Felapton Towers and our boffins in the skunk works have given up trying to invent skunks and instead have created the world’s first MEGANOVELLA. What’s that? Well a meganovella is like a regular novella but LONGER! More satisfying and will stave off hunger pains until tea-time. In fact, the meganovella is too big to fit on this blog and so will get ITS OWN SPIN OFF BLOG!

Yes! A serial meganovella with its own blog! But wait…there’s even more! I know how much people love the great things about fantasy novels: the maps and the lengthy world-building infodumps. Yum! However, so many fantasy novels these days are padded out with boring old plot and characters and events. What if you could have a fantasy story that has a map EVERY CHAPTER and focused on the important stuff like OVER COMPLICATED WORLD BUILDING AND BACKSTORY MYTHOLOGY??? Well, that is exactly what you are going to get PLUS a major character is a pangolin*. Thirty-one serial chapters of maps, info-dumps and a central character slightly missing the point. It’s like Moby Dick but shorter**.

I’m so excited that I may have to have a lie down.

*[We did extensive market research in October 2019 to find the most charismatic animal not to currently featured in a major fantasy series. Yes, we are aware that pangolins may have some…less than great publicity since but THAT’S NOT THEIR FAULT.]

**[No whales but there are some rhamphorhynchus, two bicycles and an iphone]

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