Coming soon…not one but two book launches

Coming soon…not one but two book launches

Blogiversary May madness continues as we work our way to the fifth anniversary of this blog. This month we’ll have TWO new(ish) books from Cattimothy House (an imprint of Felapton Towers Press). The second one will be later in the month and will be the long anticipated collected edition of The Hugosauriad (now with fewer typos!).

However, one book launch is insufficient for this auspicious month. So to wet appetites and to flex our epub file debugging muscles, we have ANOTHER BOOK! Heck, we are being downright prolific!

How To Science Fictionally is a collection mainly of all the various How To… posts that I’ve been running here as an irregular series on such things as teleporters and time travel and other trope-based sci-fi conceits. For variety, I’ve added in some other posts that fit the theme and which could be retitled to fit the theme. The contents are at the bottom of the post and the original essays run from June 2015 to this year, so a fitting birthday present for the blog.

When is it available? Technically you can download it RIGHT NOW (gosh!) from Smashwords here

But it usually takes a few days (and sometimes a revised upload) for the book to be available through other outlets. So expect a more launchy book launch soon followed by mini-launches as it hits different online book outlets.

…then expect even more fanfare when The Hugosauriad collected edition makes its big entrance with out second May book launch!


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  1. Let me know if you want a new release spotlight at the Speculative Fiction Showcase for How to Science Fictionally and the Hugosauriad. I have plenty of slots free in May.


      • I think you may have misunderstood Pokemon. The goal is to catch one of each unique species, not just all the pika– you know what, you just play it your way and have fun.

        (Also fun fact: since fairly early on there’s been two variants of Pikachu – the standard male version and a female version which has a heart-shaped tail.)

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  2. Coming soon, not one but two book launches….“while browsing through my many beer photos”


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