Month: May 2020

  • Hugo 2020 Novellas: This How You Lose The Time War, Amal El-Mohtar & Max Gladstone

    Two agents from two conceptually different future outcomes for the universe, range through time attempting to shape history to make the destiny of their faction the inevitable one. Stepping between worlds and alternate realities they begin a correspondence: at first taunting and bragging, then flirting and then, inevitably, declaring their love for one another. The […]

  • Book Launch: The Hugosauriad

    Two hundred and fifty two million years in the making, a book that spans geological eras, astronomical bodies colliding, and people getting upset at award ceremonies. Space! Big game hunters! A surprising number of priests! Atheist therapods! This is a book that has everything but a simple premise! Let’s go back to the beginning. The […]

  • Happy Five Years Today

    So today is the actual five year anniversary of this blog. Yay! I hope you’ve enjoyed the month’s festivities. The new serial story blog is live with the first three entries for the story. There will be another chapter on Sunday and then every Thursday and Sunday for weeks and weeks! I hope to […]

  • Hugo 2020 Novellas: To Be Taught if Fortunate, Becky Chambers

    I’ve found Becky Chambers’s Wayfarers books a bit hit and miss. They have many positive qualities and I absolutely understand the love for them but I’ve struggled to finish more than one of them. So I was interested to see her branch away in this novella that is set in a much nearer future. Not […]

  • My alternate Hugo novel cover art

    As a thing to do, I’ve tried to make alternate cover art for each of the six novel finalists. As a quiz you can guess which picture was meant to be which.

  • Hugo 2020 Novellas: In an Absent Dream, Seanan McGuire

    Last time I reviewed Ted Chiang’s novella finalist and that story has an odd dynamic with his also nominated novelette. Based on a plot synopsis the stories are utterly different but there is a conceptual overlap such that reading one causes a re-evaluation of the other. There is a similar dynamic here between McGuire’s novella […]

  • Hugo 2020 Novellas: Anxiety is the Dizziness of Freedom, Ted Chiang

    The title gives me an excuse to talk about the philosopher Søren Kierkegaard ( ) except I know very little about Søren Kierkegaard other than that he makes me nervous. Suffice to say if you entitle a story with a quote from Kierkegaard you are pointing to questions of what it means as a person […]

  • Susan’s Salon: 2020 May 24/25

    Yet another open thread for people to just chat. Posted every Monday (Sydney time). It’s OK to be sad and it’s OK to be happy. Please feel free to post either troubling news or pleasant distractions in the comments for this open thread. [However, no cranky conflicts between each other in the comments. Links, videos, […]

  • I haven’t written about Covid-19 for awhile

    I haven’t written about it much recently because I didn’t have much to say that added to the discussion. In Australia things are opening up again: most schools are open (but not ‘back to normal’), restaurants/cafes have started limited seating and generally people are out and about in shops and offices more. The running total […]

  • Coming soon

    The Hugosauriad…