Missing Moments from Movie History

From the classic Disney film That Darn Cat.

4 responses to “Missing Moments from Movie History”

  1. So this is before the famous scene where Timothy bursts in a bloody mess from Dean Jones’ chest? I’d heard that there was a later scene where Timothy attempts to mate with Jones, the crew’s cat, and Hayley Mills at the same time, but that it was cut from the final version because all of the preview audiences found it, and I quote, “Really, no I mean REALLY, fucking disturbing.” Is there any truth to the rumor? Timothy ought to know.

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      • That was the one that Jack Nicholson wrote, right? Now I see the connection.

        Was Timothy in Easy Rider, too? I’d heard that Fonda wanted Timothy to play the part of the shotgun-shooting redneck who kills Billy and Wyatt in the last scene, but that Hopper was jealous of the attention Timothy was getting from the women on set, so he relegated him to a bit part instead. I’ve watched the movie a few times and keep thinking I see Timothy out of the corner of my eye in the background of the brothel scenes, but I can never quite pin him down. Dang. Film history on the march.


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