It’s Hugo 2020 Shorts Week

Over the next few days I’ll be working my way through the Hugo finalists for Best Short Story. This is always an interesting category, with hits and misses, stronger years and weaker years but always with interesting gems and names to watch out for. It’s also one of the most accessible categories with stories typically available for free on the web (but please do consider supporting the sources financially through subscriptions or one off purchases.)

I’m shamelessly stealing JJ’s list from here for links. I’ve added annotations.

The overlap with the Nebulas is typical but I prefered A.C.Wise’s How the Trick is Done to Fran Wilde’s Catalog of Storms. Having said that, the craft and ambition in Wilde’s story is manifest and I’m not surprised it got a Hugo nod. Ten Excerpts… I really liked but I’m a sucker for playing with non-fiction text forms to tell stories. And Now His Lordship is Laughing sits on the other side of the axis, using simpler structure to let the emotional punch of the story flow unhindered.

Three stories in and it is already a strong field. Tomorrow I’ll post a review of S.L.Huang’s As the Last I May Know and the other two stories in the next few days. Then I’ll sum up my thoughts but I doubt I’ll try a ranking at this point.


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  1. As with the Nebula short stories, the only one I haven’t read yet is Nibedita Sen’s. I’ll definitely get to it now since she’s also an Astounding finalist. My favorite otherwise is Alix E. Harrow’s. None of them were my own nominees though.

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  2. I read them thanks to JJ’s list and think they’re all anywhere from good to outstanding. Some devastated me in a good way. There are a lot of pleasing gut-punches in them.

    In no case did I think “WTF is this doing here?” which is too often my reaction (coughGoodPlacecough).

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