Susan’s Salon: 2020 April 12/13

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40 thoughts on “Susan’s Salon: 2020 April 12/13

  1. I have started my Hugo reading with a re-read: Catfishing on CatNet. I decided I needed something entirely uplifting to start with, and it fits the bill.

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    1. I’m listening to Middlegame currently. It’s good but currently it feels too much like a cross between All The Birds in the Sky and McGuire’s own Wayward children books.


      1. I’m interested to try middlegame, I tend to prefer her works that aren’t long-running series.


    2. I read the excerpt online that JJ pointed to and am figuring to get my hands on the whole thing this week. It’s just what I need too.


    3. I started with the shorts, have at the moment pretty much only done 2 catagories. The first one is easy for me, last one is not that dificult, but the middle is difficult to rank and at the moment I have no idea where I use No Award, but it is exiting.


    1. Good grief.

      I have a faint hope that the only victims will be those who chose to participate in that particular dumbassery.

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    2. As occasionally with her posts, there is probably a kernel of truth in there. I don’t know how things are in Colorado, but in Germany we’ve had some (usually urban) busybodies complain that garden centers and DIY stores were full of people who were shopping for plants, soil and paint. Now it’s spring and people are always shopping for plants and soil in spring and a lot of people are using the shutdown to renovate their homes, which is a productive use of their time. And a DIY store or garden center is not more dangerous than a supermarket, unless overcrowded. However, a handful of busybodies were annoyed and demanded that the garden centers and DIY stores be closed, because people were shopping there. So some states did close the garden centers and DIY stores. That lasted about a week, then they reopened them, because the people who wanted to buy something simply drove to states where the DIY stores and garden centers were open and caused more problems there.

      So the kernel of truth is, “Not all measures make sense and some busybodies are way too interested in other people doing something that is neither illegal nor risky, but doesn’t fit their idea of approved behaviour. Also, some people have an irrational dislike of DIY stores and garden centers.” But “Some people are idiots” is not exactly news, as she should well know.

      But then she veers off into the usual “It’s Communist plot to force starvation and 5-year plans in the people” nonsense. Not to mention that you can buy seeds on the internet, if your local garden center/DIY store is closed (and even supermarkets, which are open, have some seeds, though not a big variety). And if she wants to take up gardening, that is a productive use of her time. More productive than looking for Communists under the bed or spewing conspiracy theories on the internet, at any rate.

      As for calling for mass disobedience, that is an obvious recipe for disaster. Luckily, I suspect that no one except for a few scattered puppies and Mad Genii will listen to her.

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      1. True. Also some blanket restrictions are daft in particular instances but having rstrictions that catered to all sorts of exceptions etc etc, would be much bureaucratic to enforce.

        It’s obviously a shitty situation and nobody has the right playbook.

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    3. What the hell? 😲 I’ve occasionally thought Sarah Hoyt was unhinged, but this is beyond the pale.

      The screenshot from AZ Family, re: the curfew, is from my state, which has a staunch Trump-supporting REPUBLICAN governor. Rather a bit more revealing than she intended, I think.

      All I can think of is that she’s volunteering herself and her family to be first in line for the Darwin Awards. Which is sad.

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      1. The lockdown will cause the collapse of civilisation dont you know. As explained in Sarah Hoyt’s piece at PJ Media entitled “We Risk Killing Civilization in Our Panicked Fear of Individual Death” See sillies, you should give up your fear of dying as selfish individuals for the greater good of the collective civilisation by well known Ayn-Rand style libertarian Sarah Hoyt?

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      2. Doesn’t she have some sort of chronic illness as well? Doubly important that she stay at home, then.

        Probably other people will be sensible enough to stay home and/or wear masks, thus protecting her.

        I notice she’s not doing it now, but waiting a couple more weeks when restrictions may have eased some anyway. So much for the courage of her dumbass convictions. It’s not safe to plant anything new outside where she lives for another month or so anyway.

        Cora, I contemplated the seeds and small plants on offer at my supermarket, then I remembered I have a black thumb. However, my friends with green thumbs are planting away, with seeds from online. Luckily my sturdy lemon tree was planted and nurtured by those who can do it, so at least we won’t get scurvy. Gardening is an excellent hobby — fresh air, sun, provides tasty food, fun for the whole family.

        I am informed by an Englishwoman that she wasn’t able to get lumber anywhere this week. They simply weren’t selling it.

        I went out on Wednesday. There were more people out and about, but still far short of usual. Everyone had some sort of face covering and were very polite.

        Her Maj Liz 2 did a nice address, I thought.

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      3. //Doesn’t she have some sort of chronic illness as well? //

        But you see she had a bad cold late last year and because of the big conspiracy that was actually covid19 but the chinese didn’t let people know it was already in America and now everybody has had it already and nobody died because it is just a flu and also a conspiracy by the leftists and the chinese…something, something…trains.

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      4. We got salad plants from the garden center/veggie and produce shop that was still open and we also have plenty of seeds, etc… from last year. Never mind that we could even have gone to the DIY store during the week it was closed, because we’re self-employed the stores were allowed to let people with a business permit in, just no civilians. And I don’t think they asked what exactly your business is.

        But yes, I think gardening will do Sarah Hoyt a world of good and keep her out of trouble and away from potentially infectious people.

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      5. Re: Ken’s Colon. Well, No Loc Snek is a variant of the No Step on Snek which is itself a variant of the Gadsden Flag. Don’t Tread on Me becomes No Step on Snek on the Interwebs. Know Your Memes says No Step on Snek has been around for about five years, but I honestly don’t remember seeing it. Maybe it’s more popular in conservative circles.


    4. Fun fact: “Oxen” is the sole example of an English noun retaining the -n stem declension.

      Less fun fact: I can’t understand what Hoyt is going on about seeds and farmers and such. Farmers don’t get their seeds from the local garden center; they order from distributors that cater to commercial growers. Vegetable farmers order from places like Johnny’s Seeds or Fedco, where you can get lettuce seed in 25# lots. (If you have ever seen a lettuce seed, you will appreciate how much lettuce that represents.) Longtime home gardeners like myself have ordered and recieved their seeds weeks or months ago (the first garden catalogs start mailing out in December). And people who have just started can pick seeds up in their local grocery store; my neighborhood grocery put their seed rack display out in late February, like they always do. (Newbie gardeners are, IMHO, better off getting their seeds from grocery-store displays, because those varieties have been carefully selected to grow well in a variety of climates and soil types.)

      And farmers being prevented from going out into their fields? What? Aside from the fact that farming is an essential business in anyone’s book, farming by its nature has the social distancing thing down pat. And here in Nebraska it’s Mother Nature that is keeping farmers indoors: it’s too early to plant corn and soybeans. The ranchers are busy though–it’s calving season, so they are out all hours checking on pregnant heifers and making sure new-born calves are warm, dry, and being fed by their mothers.

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      1. Yeah, that post reads as if it was written by an elite suburban yuppie who has no idea how farming actually works… which it was.

        I’m quite happy for Hoyt to voluntarily take herself and her progeny out of the gene pool, but the problem is all of the innocent people who don’t deserve it who’d she’d take along with her. 😦

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      2. Actually knowing anything about farming/ranching would interfere with her rant.

        Although we do have some shortages due to there being fewer migrant farm workers around to harvest the stuff. Thanks, Trump! I don’t see her and her ilk volunteering to go pick crops, though.

        (grew up listening to farm reports on the radio — pork belly futures! — and went to school with rancher kids)

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    5. This reads like a report from an alternate universe. The evil government is rationing all paint colors except white, blackouts have started, and no one is allowed to go out and plant things. Has she ever even been to California?

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      1. I live in California, and we did have a blackout recently.

        Some idiot was driving too fast in the rain and took out a pole.

        They fixed it really quickly.

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    1. Entirely appropriate! Good find!

      I think baby mammals, as a class, are acceptable. (And baby dinosaurs, yes, Susan).

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    1. A lot of non-violent offenders are being released now to reduce prison overcrowding and the risk of Covid. Being as he “only” scammed money and is older and served some time, he’d be a prime candidate, esp. as a right-wing white man.

      Nowt to do with him personally; bet he’d still be there if not for a pandemic. Which is a metaphor, eh?

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    2. That looks authentic to me. The tone matches up pretty well with what I–as someone who has had to deal with troublesome relatives of my own–would expect.

      (Having said that, you never know.)


      1. Odd that Vox hasn’t pointed his legions towards it to donate though. I heard that he has mentioned his dad being released on one of his videos but I can’t watch those (they are just so dull)


  2. Speaking of pandemic weirdness, has anyone/everyone been following the exploits of Steak-umm on Twitter? What a strange world where thinly sliced pieces of meat offer us wisdom on the world in which we live.

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  3. Jack Lint: Well, No Loc Snek is a variant of the No Step on Snek which is itself a variant of the Gadsden Flag.

    I think it’s an attempt to convey “No Lock Up Snek” which fails miserably.

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