Add Commanding Authority to Your Online Meetings

Many of you maybe enjoying the delights of video-conferencing from the comfort of your own shed, bedroom, bathroom or impromptu tree-house. Wherever you are hiding from the rest of the people in your house, it is important to project to your colleagues at work a sense of being-in-control, resoluteness and decisive decision making. Who better to emulate in these times than the CEO of Cattimothy House Publishing, Timothy the Talking Cat (MBA, Phd, NRL, OMG, GCSE).

To help you send the right visual message to your forlorn co-workers, we proudly present the Timothy the Talking Cat CEO-Video Presence Mask®©℗™.

Simply print out at a suitable size then cut out, add string and suitable eye-holes and you to can enjoy the quiet confidence of one of the world’s great thinkers.

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